why having courage is so important

You have all the knowledge, you know everything what you need to do, you have a solid strategy and winning tactics, but until you don’t have courage to take the action, nothing of those matters.

Our in-actions are out of the fear, mostly the fear of failing or fear of loosing something or someone. The fear take over you so much that you get consumed by your fear and even before taking any action, you find excuse of not doing what you should be doing.

This leads to a constant cycle of building up the hopes and not delivering the results. You loose the faith in yourself and so does the people around you.

Take action, you might not win but you would certainly learn how to win the next time. Moreover people will believe in you, even if you don’t win.

Practice courage and you will fall in love of being courageous. It will elevate your life to the next level.

No one has become an achiever just by making plans, only those who take actions knows that nothing more matters.

Think Big. Be Wise

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