Trainable and untrainable

Some people are easy to train and spending time in training them gives the desired outcome.

On the other hand there are people who aren’t trainable. No matter how much time and how many techniques and tactics you use, you end up hitting the wall.

Spend the time training those who are trainable. If you are the leader, it’s your skill set to know who falls in this category.


Business and Making Difference

When you are working ethically, keeping everyone’s interest at heart, working to make the world a better place, and not only for profit, you are already making a difference and doing business too.

Profit is a must when you are doing business; otherwise, no other goal can be achieved. Even not for profit, organizations can sustain only when they have the money. The same principle applies to business, only that it is with profit, where you are working towards benefiting a larger audience to make some difference to society.

Not having any objective is also okay, but then you look for spirituality or doing good outside of your work. And if you have combined your business and spirituality, you aim for two goals with one task.


A hybrid model for Work From Home

What is going to be the model for the Tech industry moving forward?

Though currently, Work From Home is working, at times, the social interaction is missed and constantly online, affecting the sanity.

While Work From Home seems to stay now, personally, I feel that the hybrid model of Work From Home and Work From Office will be more of the norm for the tech industry. People would prefer working a few days from the office and other days from home.

While working from home improves the personal level of productivity, it helps to be with the team in person for collaboration and satisfy our social interaction needs.

I have reached this conculsion after talking to my team, taking surveys and also monitoring the Work From Home situation since the start of the pandemic. I strongly believe with a strong process and by taking accountability for our own work, Work From Home works.

What are your thoughts on the future of the work model for the tech industry?


Keep producing

Having knowledge and ideas matter only when we put them to action and keep converting those ideas to something meaningful.

Of course, not every idea would work but you have an opportunity to make a difference. To bring positive change in the life of people.

Life is a series of positive changes you make in other people’s lives. If you think your idea can make a difference, go ahead and build it. Your efforts can change the world for the better.


Like-minded people

If you know what you want to become, spend the time with like-minded people. And that’s not enough. When you spend time with like-minded people, make sure you are talking about the topics that have drawn them to those people.

It is important to churn the thoughts on what you want to be constantly. If you are planning to be a very successful businessman and are spending your time with other business people but talking about the sports or favorite holiday spots, you are wasting the precious opportunity to learn from them.

It’s important to spend time with like-minded people and is equally important in talking with them.

Are your talks relevant?


Time is subjective

Months and years go by, and we keep thinking about how fast the time is going. But the time is subjective, that is why sometimes we feel it’s fast and sometimes we feel the time isn’t moving.

How time travels depends on what we are doing if we are busy doing something that we love, like playing our favorite sports or spending time with loved ones, time travel fast.

And if we are waiting for test results or waiting in a queue simultaneously, it feels like moving slow.

Next time you feel the time is moving fast, the probable reason is that you live the life you enjoy.


Social Expression

We all have a cause that we strongly believe in. Something where we feel we can do something to make this world a better place.

It’s always sharing the knowledge, which has led me to co-start Early Bird Group, Surat BookWorms Club, bringing WordPress meetup to Surat, and starting a BookClub in my own company.

I didn’t realize this until my coach told me how all the above are connected via my strong belief in sharing the knowledge to benefit more people. And it’s not only the knowledge that I share but also my belief in building the platforms where more people can share their knowledge.

While knowledge sharing is my social expression, what is yours? What cause do you believe in?


Entrepreneurship is a profession.

Entrepreneurship is not rocket science, nor is it very fancy that it is depicted in the movies. When you become an Entrepreneur, you are signed up to be a professional.

You achieve something, and you have to think, that’s great, now let’s move on to the next task. You can’t sit and relax on that win.

Just like a doctor or a lawyer, you have to have a systematic approach to entrepreneurship. We learn new things every day, keep updated about our industry, go to seminars, attend webinars, take training, and be sincere about our work.

No doubt, sometimes we work for the disruption in a certain industry or work towards bringing something innovative, but the approach remains that of a professional. A straightforward, no show-off and hard work that is what actually Entrepreneurship is about.



We keep talking about growth and progress. But most of the time, the talk and progress don’t match. When we say progress, we don’t talk about the numbers, but we talk about emotions.

If we are feeling great, we feel that everything is booming, while the case might not be the same.

To check the real progress, keep your eyes on the numbers. Believe whatever the number says, and you won’t be misled.

If the number says that it’s progress, then it is.


Box cricket

Box cricket is a new thing. It’s a short format, fun, high tempo, and if you never had the fun of playing ‘gully cricket,’ Box cricket can give you a glimpse of it.

Some people dislike box cricket, but there was a time when one day was disliked, and t20 matches were dismissed by many. But today, t20 is the most loved format of cricket.

Not everything new or different has to be dismissed. Instead, embarrass newness as that might turn to be the game changer and disruptive.


Enjoy the gift of life

When we focus on what we have, gratitude flows naturally, and when we focus on what others have, we feel ungrateful.

The key to happiness is to be grateful for what we have. If you aren’t feeling happy with what you have today, you will never be happy no matter what you have tomorrow.

Be grateful. Enjoy the gift of life.


Do something today

Do something today if you want to make it big tomorrow. Just sitting and thinking will keep us where we are.

If we act, we might win or fail. If we win, cheers. And if we fail, double cheers because we would learn a lot from the failures.

But if we think and don’t act, we will neither win nor fail. We will stay where we are and unhappy.

Every achiever ever has done so by acting on their thoughts. I am not saying act without thinking. But thinking without action is of no use.

Take actions, massive actions. Let’s have sleepless nights. Let’s have an ache in the heart. Let’s be frightened. Whatever it takes. Please do it. Let’s be in action and expand our own possibilities.


When you enjoy doing something

I tried blogging in 2014 but couldn’t continue for more than a few days.

I started blogging again in 2020, and today it’s been one year. When I started, my goal was to write every day. And today, too, that’s the only purpose.

What is the difference between 2014 and 2020 for me? What made me continue writing for a year?

Doing introspection, I can conclude that I am enjoying writing this time, while earlier, I was doing it as a task and didn’t felt inspired to write.

When we enjoy something, we don’t need any inspiration, and we generate better results.


Creating and breaking the habits

It is easier to stay in our old habits because it is our comfort. We will make any number of stories and will bring out reasons, just so that we don’t have to leave in our comfort zone.

Good or bad, habits once created are hard to break. Even good habits sometimes make us so stubborn that we don’t try to be flexible even if we see that it is needed. The reason, mostly, is because we are comfortable in our habits and don’t want the hassle of breaking the habits and challenging the status quo

And eventually, habit also becomes stale, and we become irrelevant. If you want to stay contemporary, keep challenging yourself with new challenges. Create something new, take the new task at work, pursue a hobby, join the gym, and join the local community. Do something, do anything before you become stale.

Last year I took the challenge of writing blog posts every day, and tomorrow my blog will turn one year. 365 days of writing the blog have surely helped me reflect on myself. The year before that, I started waking up at 5 am, the year before, I started meditating, and the year before, I took up reading regularly.

This year, I am challenging myself to stop procrastinating.

What habit are you dropping, and what habit are you picking?


What we believe, We achieve.

When we focus on something, believe in the goal, have faith, the chances are that we will more certainly achieve that.

No matter how lofty your goals are, how many sleepless nights you get, how much anxiety you have to experience, keep the faith and belief. Nothing in history that was hard to achieve has been achieved easily.

Having faith in whatever we do and being persistent is the key to achieve unachievable goals.

Are you confused? Afraid of your lofty goals? Having sleepless nights? Great, then you are on the way to achieve your dream.

Remember, what we believe we achieve.


Think Slow. Act Fast.

Normally we do the other way around. We Think Fast and Act Slow.

When we Think Slow, we bring clarity to our thoughts, and because of the clarity, we are confident of our actions. And when we Think Fast, we don’t have clarity as we don’t let our thoughts settle, resulting in haphazard actions.

Thinking slow also brings a mature way of speaking and overall peace to our being. This leads to people naturally drawn to us when we speak, helping with more acceptance of our talks.

Think Slow and Act Fast to gain clarity and confidence in what we are doing,


While you wait

Either you can frown, or you can read or prepare yourself. When you are waiting, it’s up to you what to do about the time on hand.

Frowning will be the waste of time you got while waiting for someone or on something. That would make you will feel dragged and drain. So when waiting, pick wisely and mindfully what outcome you want.

Life is beautiful when we are mindful.


Value the time

Nothing is more valuable than time. If you have to trade money for time, don’t think twice.

When you learn to create the time, you can use the created time for yourself, learn new things, spend time with your loved ones, follow your passion, spend time with yourself, and whatnot.

Learn how to create time. Being busy isn’t important if you don’t have time for yourself.

This new year, start valuing your time over everything else.


The year that was

Today is the last day of 2020. The year of heartbreaks and breakthroughs, lockdowns and resilience, work from home, and anxiety.

2020 was the year like none before. It has been a true roller coaster journey, making us weak and strong at the same time. We certainly want to forget 2020, but it will not let us forget because it was once in a lifetime year.

As we enter 2021, we probably are wiser, smarter, and understand what is important to us. Most importantly, it has taught us, “this is it,” making us more accepting and adapting to the situation.

It was a tragic time, and that is why it was the year that has taught us the most.

Let’s welcome 2021 with new expectations and acceptance.

Happy 2021.


there is always something to learn

There is always something to learn, provided you are willing to learn and are networking with the right people.

Successful people are willing to share their knowledge and help others succeed. The question is how to make successful people speak?

You can either learn from their mistakes, watching their actions or by asking them the questions.

You can watch their mistakes and actions simply by observing but to get them to answer your questions; you need to give them space, ask the right questions, listen to them, and let the talk flows. They have a wealth of knowledge and are willing to share, provided you are willing to listen to them.

How many successful people are you networked with? How often you connect with them? How useful is their knowledge to you?


Having goals is important

In 2019, I had kept the goal of reading 26 books and ended up reading 20. And for 2020, I kept the goal for 39 books.

Experiencing that I can read 20 books gave me confidence that I can read 39 too. 20 books was an experience upon which I built the dream of reading 39 books. That’s three books every four weeks.

Though I like that I could read 39 books, it didn’t come as a surprise as the foundation for it was ready.

That’s how we build and achieve our goals. The first few times are crucial when our goals are meager. The determination we build during that time helps us build lofty goals.


How deep are your roots?

When your roots are deep and strong, the chances of you surviving any storm are much higher.

And the roots don’t become strong overnight. It takes years before the roots become capable enough so that a huge tree can blossom.

While we all focus on the beautification and health of the tree, let’s not forget what is holding it up.

How deep are your roots?


People will tell you what they want you to do

No matter what you are doing, where you are, or with whom you are, use your own wisdom when it comes to making decisions. Because everyone is telling you things from their perspective, that necessarily isn’t the right fit. People make you believe that their point of view is the only right view. That view might be true to their situation and may not be true for you.

We already know what we want, it’s just that we want clarity, and we check with others, but then we get blind with the views. Listen to everyone to gain different perspectives and when it comes to making decisions, listen to yourself. 

Be present when you listen to others. Check their intentions and your situation and take the decision wisely. 


Emotions and Wisdom

Emotions are the basic ingredients that lead us to generate the results.

When the emotions are stimulated, actions are generated. And when wisdom is applied to the action, the right results are produced.

For example, when we fear something, this emotion leads us to take action. The action can be to fly or fight. And the wisdom helps us take the right action that would remove the fear from the root cause and generate long-lasting results.

How do your emotions stimulate you to take action? And what do you do to ensure you apply the wisdom to generate the results?


What you sow shall you reap

Merry Christmas.

As the year of the pandemic is ending, it’s time to reflect how the year was. It certainly was a year which no one had imagined at the start of it. We saw a lot of illnesses, deaths, lockdowns, curfews, and whatnot.

We also saw businesses, relations, and environmental changes. And we also saw human triumph, inventing vaccines in a record short period.

During all these, we all had time. What we will become in the future will be determined by how we have spent this time. Our future will be different depending on whether we have spent time being in action, learning new things. Or binge-watching on OTT platforms while gulping on unhealthy snacks.

The old sayings of ‘what you sow shall you reap’ are true even in the pandemic. It’s the same as ‘The law of Karma.’

What have you sown for the future during this year of the pandemic?


Unwinding after the workday

We all have our own way of unwinding. Some of us watch television, some read books, a few do workouts, and others spend time with family and friends.

All of the different ways of unwinding are right. Important is to unwind. Try not going to bed straight from work because that way you can never get relaxed. No matter what unwinding way you prefer, it is important to unwind as it helps for a positive thought process and better sleep.

I normally read books or watch a funny video before I sleep.

What do you do to unwind?


Focused efforts

Entrepreneurs are creative, and that’s their biggest asset and liability at the same time.

Because of the creativity, the entrepreneurs keep coming up with new ideas. They also want to implement multiple ideas at the same time. While having ideas is one thing, executing them is a different ball game.

The execution of any idea needs a lot of dedication, time, focus, energy, and money. While it is possible to distribute these resources among various projects, the best results are achieved when there is only one project on hand.

Giving your everything to that one idea can make it big enough, which you can’t achieve with multiple smaller ideas.

Pick your project, get focused, and give your best shot. Make that project your moonshot project.


Treat everything as you own it

We have the habit of using things carefully when we own them. But when we know that it’s not ours or is owned by the public institutions, we tend to abuse them.

The same goes for the law. When we make the law and rules in our company, we follow them, and we want everyone to follow them. But we break the country’s laws, and in private conversation, we boast about the same.

Only if we start treating everything as if we own it, the world would be a much better place to dwell for everyone.


Follow the leader

The age-old saying of “follow the leader” stands true. When confused or in the doubt, check what the successful people are doing and take the lead from them.

Call them up, go and see them, read their articles, hear their podcast, and keep your eyes on what they are up to.

When your mind is cluttered and doesn’t get the direction, get the answer from those who have been there, done that, and are still doing it. Don’t take someone’s advice only on their past success. Make sure they are proving themselves successful in the particular thing where you are confused.

When I am confused about making decisions, I check my successful peers, talk to them, and take the clue.

What is your story? What do you do when you are confused? Do you go with the instinct, do you check with the leaders, or reach out to people for support?


Be your own driver

When we are dependent on someone to drive us around, our plans are actually dependent on their plan.

If that’s what you like, it’s wonderful, but if you want to be independent, you need to be your own driver.


Always grab the chance to celebrate

Whenever life allows you to celebrate, do it full-heartedly.

Life is the sequence of moments that we LIVE and celebrate.

And when you gift, do make sure that it’s not just a thing but the thing is with an experience. We forget things and we cherish experiences.

Live life enough to build memories.


Taking decisions

If you are good at making quick decisions, then certainly do it. We all have different ways, and while someone like me is good at making decisions after due thoughts, others might be good at making fast decisions.

I certainly would like to make quick decisions, and I adore those who are quick at that. I like to take advice from those as they gave me a different perspective.

What is your way? Are you a quick decision-maker, or like me, you take your time?


Learn from your mistakes

We all know we should learn from our mistakes and that we should move on. It has been told to us infinite times, but when we actually make a mistake, we fall into either of the two traps:
1. We either take our mistake for granted and move on without actually taking any learnings. This makes us make the same mistake over and over.
2. We take our mistake very seriously. Instead of learning from it and setting up a system to make sure we don’t make a mistake again, we stop taking any action, burdening ourselves with the mistake we made. This way can stop us from making a mistake but also takes away the chance to be successful.

The mistakes we make aren’t the fault of anyone. It’s our mistake. We should accept it openly, own it, take the learnings, place the system in place to don’t make a mistake again, and carve the path to success. Remember, the first part is to accept your mistake openly. Accepting mistakes clears up the clutter in our heads and gives us much-needed clarity on what actions are needed to be taken.

I like to move on with my mistake as my learning experience, but I am not there yet. I am being better at that and I am setting up a support system, which helps me avoid repeating the same mistake so that I can be more successful.

What do you do when you commit a mistake?


Deal with your own challenges

It is good to have people around but understand that everyone deals with their own things and are fighting their own battles. It is unfair to expect people to take responsibility and solve challenges for you. If you have someone such in your life, congratulations. If not, then learn to deal with your own challenges.

In fact, learn to be supportive of others. Grow yourself emotionally mature and strong, so you take care of yourself and support others.

If you can develop this capability, imagine how many challenges you can solve for others while not being dependant on anyone for your struggles.

Nothing is stronger than your own will power. This is my personal experience, as you grow mature, you naturally become more supportive of others while taking care of yourself.

How do you deal with your challenges? Do you need a lot of support, or do you provide support to others?


Keep the conversation flowing

You feel it’s a waste of time and that you would rather spend your time “doing” the things. But when you stop or avoid conversation, you are actually putting a lot at stake.

Keep the conversation flowing if you want to have your thoughts reach out to the other person and if you care about delivering job, the way it should be.

Conversations are important. Without it, situation becomes gloomy for everyone.

How well do you converse?


Be the role model by action

No one remembers what you said. But everyone remembers what you did. If you want to set an example, be the role model by your action, especially if you an elder or are a leader.

The above stands true in personal as well as business. If your saying and doing are different, people will remember what you did and not what you said. That’s why it says that kids learn from watching their parents, and not on what the parents instructed.

Take accountability for where you want to take the people and the business, and likewise, be vigilant in your action. It is easy to think that it’s okay to be rude once in a while, but that’s when you need to keep a check on yourself.

Be accountable for the world around and the generation next.


Laughing and being happy

If you can laugh and be happy on the weekdays, then understand that you are successful. And happiness comes from being grateful.

When we are grateful, life gives us happiness in abundance, and we stop longing for the weekends and vacations.

Since I started practicing daily gratitude, I have experienced that my happiness has certainly increased. Being happy certainly comes from how grateful we are.

Do you practice gratitude? What is your experience with it?


Energy drainers

If you are having people in your life who are draining your energy, it’s time to think about whom you want in your life.

We all have our good days and not-so-good days, but if energy drainers always complain about their lives, surroundings, and people in their lives. Such people lack gratitude in their life.

While everyone needs emotional support, some people have a habit of feeling sorry about themselves, and you can’t support them every day.

If you want positive energy and peace in life, make sure you invest your time in people who have a positive outlook towards life and aren’t draining you off.

I avoid them. How about you? Do you have such people in your life? How do you tackle them?


Left brain vs. right brain

The theory says a person is either left-brained or right-brained. If your left brain is more dominant, you tend to be more analytical and methodical. And if your right brain is more dominant, you tend to be more creative and artistic.

If you are more organized and better at reading, writing, are logic, like facts and calculations, your left brain dominates. If your right brain dominates, you are better at imagination, arts, visualization, and dance.

The point is if we might have all the capabilities, but some would be more dominating. It’s good to know what we are, as knowing ourselves helps us make the right decisions.

I am basically more analytical and methodical. I love maths, calculations, and figures-facts. Knowing this much about me helps me work on my strength and sharpen them.

What side of your brain is more dominant?


Be you. Be real. Be Happy.

When you try to please others, you become unreal. And when you become unreal, you are never happy.

Not just that you would dislike being in this situation, you also would start disliking the person whom you are trying to please. The whole situation will start with you pleasing others, thinking it will make them happy and in return would make you happy. And ends with you being unhappy, and because you aren’t authentic, you won’t be able to please the other person forever, eventually making that person unhappy too.

When you are real, you won’t have to worry about pleasing others, as those who would be pleased with you would stick around, leading you towards spreading more happiness.

Personally, when I try to please people, I start feeling suffocated after some time. This leads me to avoid them, leaving them wondering why I am avoiding them. But with those, where I don’t have to work towards pleasing, I am natural and happier. In return, making them happy as well, without effort.

What is your experience? How do you feel when you aren’t real?


The genuine respect

When you see someone respecting the person below his own rank in strength, status, money, knowledge, and age, consider that respect is genuine.

In general, We show respect to those above us in various ways, but that respect is not for fellow humans. It’s just for some reason.

But when we respect people without any reason, that’s when we understand the real meaning of respect.

Oh, by the way, respect is when you give, not when you expect it from others.


Are you generous enough?

Do you know whose problem are you solving? Who is your market? Are you targeting the right people? Are you selling them what they need? And if you aren’t selling what they need, are you connecting them to the right person so that you be a good guide in the process?

Never try to be everything to everyone, you are just a hustler, whom eventually no one will trust. Let the word be out what you sell is solving the problem of your target audience. And leave the job where you can’t solve someone’s problem to those who can solve it.

Are you everything to everyone, or are you the problem solver? Do you care to say no? Are you generous enough to guide people in the right direction?


going higher is always difficult

Going higher with your quality, thoughts, creativity, humanity, or work is always difficult.

It is easy to find short-cuts, take routes that feel faster, and give the quality that’s inferior to what you promised. Easier it is to fell compared to fly high. But raising your bar and not stopping until you reach the higher level without compromising anywhere is what one should aim for.

Going an extra mile while giving without expecting that you would get something better in return is what your aim should be.

Because the pleasure one gets by giving is higher than in the receiving.

Are you going higher?


Don’t say yes every time

If you can’t make it, don’t say yes. It is important to know when to say no. When you know you can’t make it; the polite manner is to say no.

When you say yes, you are setting up the expectation, and when you don’t make it, everyone involved has to face the outcome.

And the most hurtful thing would be your own reputation. No matter how much you would convince, next time, your word won’t be taken seriously.

Yes, sometimes it is genuine that you can’t keep your word; at that point, do the restoration process. Say sorry and express that you understand how it might have impacted the other person and how it impacts you. Complete by assuring how you would make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Make sure your restoration is once in a while and doesn’t become an every time process. Otherwise, you are putting your word again on the stake.

Do you keep your words? And when broken, do you make sure you restore your word?


Decode the code

Nature is talking to us all the time. Don’t expect it to talk in any verbal language as it talks in various ways. Not limited to, but including, dreams, constant signs in the way of some subtle yet noticeable things happening around, you might come across some situation, or even some repeated things happening with you in a span of a short time.

It’s up to us to stay present all the time and understand what is that nature is trying to tell us.

I have been experiencing this lately. Do you have a similar experience? What signs are you seeing? What’s the code that you need to decode?


When the day is busy

So the fourth day in the row, and I am writing the blog towards the end of the day. Not the most ideal time for me to write, but I usually feel energized for probably half an hour or an hour during late evenings.

My peak performance time is up to 5 pm. I am at my full mental and physical energy till that time.

When the day is busy, I try to find some time to write my thoughts during my peak performance time, but that doesn’t happen every day. And once I am out of that timeframe, I drag it till the end of the day when I get this half an hour to an hour window again.

I feel it’s good to know at what hours you perform better so that the day can be planned likewise.

What are your productive hours? And how do you deal with them once those hours are passed but something important needs to be taken care of?


Holding on to the winning bets

More often, we hold on to our losing bets and quickly profit off our winning bets.

Instead, focus on winning a bet, keep and grow them, while cashing off the losing bet. When we keep our losses because of the fear of “loss,” we get into deeper waters. On the contrary, if we keep our profits, it can grow to something even bigger. Yes, be wise. Know when to get out of the profit, too, but don’t do it too sooner.

This is true for life too. We should know what our losing bets are and what are winning bets. Cut the losing bets treating them as bad habits and keep the winning bets while accumulating them. More good habits make you a better person, and more winning bets make you a successful person. That’s how you become the winner.


When to sell

The art is in knowing when to sell, as much as in knowing when to buy.

Many people know when to buy and are good at scoring great deals. But comparatively, many few of them know when to sell.

Most either sell too early or hold on to too long. The real art is to cash out at the right time. Otherwise, you are looking at the opportunity lost.

Learn from the masters of the game on when to sell. Not so-called masters but the real deal. Read books, have mentors, network with like-minded and successful people.

Do you sell at the right time?


Commodity or speciality

If everyone is giving free shipping for similar products, except for you, that might not be a good strategy. This is true, especially if you are dealing with commodity products.

If you are dealing with specialty products, you have your say. And the customers might be willing to pay extra for shipping.

You either deal with commodity products and follow the market rules or deal with specialty products and create your own rules.

The choice is yours, but the rules are different in what you choose.


Living in the loop

Some people keep doing the same thing over and over for years. It’s the same routine that they follow. Though, it suffocates at times as they can’t break out of it.

It’s a different story when you love your routine or work and totally different when you can’t break out of that loop because it’s your comfort. Many of us live in such loops and feel stuck instead of breaking the loop and trying to get out of our comfort zone.

Loops are nothing but our comfort zone that we aren’t willing to break because it feels safe in there.

What kind of loops have you created? How will you break them?


Is there only one way?

Is there only one way to reach the goal? No? Is there any right or wrong way? Definitely not.

You can take your own path as there are multiple roads going towards the same destination. It depends on what route you prefer. A highway that takes you quicker or an in-road that takes longer but is scenic. It also depends on how fast you want to reach and how much you want to compromise on other things.

If your style is slow and someones are fast, let it be, as there is no right or wrong way. You have a goal, and you have a way, pick it and follow it.

Think what your way is? And follow the same.


Meditate and introspect

Meditate and introspect. Nothing can be more powerful to know yourself and to break the mental boundaries.

If you meditate regularly, you will know what I am saying. It will calm you down, but not your dreams. It will give you peace but will still keep the fire in you going on. It will make you know yourself, without the need to unknow others.

Though, the best time, it says, is early mornings. And though I have experienced the magic of the early morning meditation, you can pursue it any time of the day, depending on the schedule.

Do give time to introspect too during meditation or separately at any other time of the day.

Turn your thoughts about yourself and the world around. Meditate regularly.


Are you the creator or the reason maker?

Is it everyone else who is holding you back from what you want to achieve? Or is it your own fear and unwillingness to face the consequences of taking the risk that holds you back?

Are you the creator or the reason maker? If you are the creator, it’s not that you will achieve whatever you want. But you will have the satisfaction of trying what you wanted and will not have to find reasons for not doing what you wanted.

Every creator’s legs shake when they pursue their dream. They get sleepless nights and face challenges. But those challenges give them peace at the end of the day because they are pursuing their dreams.

Are you creating your dreams?


Fixing the broken toilets

Do you go and fix your broken toilets? Or do you take the help of the plumber?

While there is no small work, but the focus should be on doing the work that matters. Work where you can bring creativity and your mind to create value.

When your focus is on creating value, you stop doing things that don’t generate value for others.

Do you focus on generating value or are you busy saving every penny?


Communication is an art

If you can communicate well, you can sell your ideas and can enroll people for the action.

The lack of communication can create a lot of confusion and unclear expectations. If you want people to get into the action, learn to communicate well.

Communication is the art that, when used well, inspires people to take action. Remember, Only communication isn’t enough. Right communication is needed, which gives clarity and inspires further talks igniting people to find solutions.

To assume that ideas will be understood or confusion will be cleared or for that matter, questions will be answered without communication, then it’s time to rethink. That’s why communication and clear communication is the key to success.

How well do you communicate?


Be kind even to those who aren’t to you.

Because kindness is something, you want to spread. Be kind even to those who aren’t to you.

We can either be unkind and stay unhappy while making others unhappy, or we can be kind and happy, spreading happiness around.

If someone is unkind, it’s their internal struggle making them do so. It has nothing to do with others, so be compassionate to them and give kindness in return. You never know; your gesture can change them for good.


Creating stories and talking straight

Stories are great to convey the messages and for the learnings. But the stories created to give reasons and taking the talks to a different path aren’t needed.

There are two types of people, one who talks and hears the straight talks. They talk clear and upfront. In contrast, other types of people would make stories about everything. Even for the talks that need and can be done straight forward, they create the stories. These stories confuse others. Sometimes these are done purposely, and sometimes it’s just the habit and comes from the subconscious mind.

If you want to get the work done and make it easier for others to understand what you are saying, try not to create the stories. Be upfront and straight. And being straight in a polite way.

What is your style? Do you talk straight forward yet polite, or do you create stories and confuse everyone?


On the fake news

Nothing fake will spread if we stop it at our end.

If rumors are going around, if ‘I’ take the accountability and not spread it further, the rumor will die.

As human beings, we love gossiping, but that’s where all the problems also get started. What if ‘we’ decide that we won’t talk about anyone who isn’t present. Neither good talks nor bad.

Let ‘me’ take responsibility that I will not use anything that is pirated.

These are all small things, but this is what builds the character of our society.

No news or gossip will spread if we decide that it’s our duty not to spread it. Even if others are spreading it, you don’t have to. Someone has to take responsibility; someone has to be the first to pull the breaks on the fake.

Let that first be ‘me.’


So what time do you wake up?

It’s okay if you sleep till late.

But do try waking up at 5 am and don’t expect anything; feel the magic of 5 am.

Go for a walk, do some indoor workout, read, meditate, or gaze at the sky, do whatever you feel you want to do.

It’s the magic you want to feel, and once you know, you will get hooked to it. Even if you can’t keep up to waking at 5 am, you will want to.

So what time do you wake up? Ever tried 5 am?


Annoy everyone

Annoy everyone if that’s your being and be the world best at it.

It’s always good to be the best in whatever you do, rather than doing something else and being mediocre.

Go and annoy.


Do we really want it?

Most of us are having bigger dreams in life. We talk about being the best in the world, having a big business, reaching the sky. But do we really want it?

Most of us live a mediocre life and settle with very little. Why does this happen? What is that doesn’t make us achieve the life of our dreams? What is lacking? Or is it that we want to talk about the big goals because it sounds fancy; otherwise, we really don’t have any bigger dreams?

There is nothing wrong with either of the approaches. We can have bigger dreams, or we might be happy with smaller dreams. It is important to know what you want instead of dreaming about what others have.

When we are talking about the things that we really don’t want, we are creating delusion for ourselves. We run behind the goals just because others have them, without knowing what it takes to achieve them.

And in reality, when we have to give what it takes to make it big, we chicken out. We start to feel burnt out, need a vacation, and enjoy festivals, even if there is work waiting for us that can’t wait. This happens because in the first place, either that’s not our goal or we don’t want to give what it takes. Yes, we keep running behind that imaginary goal, which keeps us frustrate because we can’t reach there, and we don’t accept that that’s not for us.

Live the life that you want. Stop telling yourself a lie, because then you are buying others too into it.

Be what you are and live happily.


Think before you pull out your frustration

Every time we pull out our frustration on someone, it’s like throwing up on that person. We might feel sorry after doing it, but we might have done permanent damage to someone by that time.

People aren’t garbage on whom we would throw our mental garbage. Every living being is a well-crafted creation of the divine power and deserves the peace of mind.

We might be frustrated with our own reasons, but that doesn’t give us any right to spoil someone’s day. There are people with different tolerant levels to such garbage, and they might get hurt for longer than you think. If you aren’t having a great day, lock yourself and shut down your cell phone until you think you are sane again.

Let’s take responsibility and accountability for other’s peace of mind. Because if everyone starts throwing up, the world will become even more garbage. Let’s make it a place where everyone would love to live.

Next time, if you are frustrated, think of the person you are pulling it out. Another option is to take the right action. If you are frustrated, see what is the real cause and work on that cause. Solve it. That would take the frustration away from you.

Be mindful.


How about an unplanned year?

We are taught so much about planning, and while planning is great, it just doesn’t work for a few people.

As the new year approaches, most people will set up goals and plan to achieve those goals. While most of us can work only if we have a plan, there always are a few who would perform well when they have the goals but don’t plan them. These people know what their goals are, and they are good at getting them without major planning.

The point is if you are the one who can perform without planning, don’t get into the planning. And if you are the one who does plan, but can never follow the plans, see if you want to give ‘not planning’ a chance this year.

What important is to achieve the goal. If you are good at achieving the goals without planning, how about an unplanned year this time?


Your circle of happiness

Saal Mubarak. It’s Gujarati New Year, and I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

As we know, we are an average of the five people around. I am sure we are making sure that we surround ourselves with those we see as successful and take benefit from the rule of average.

This new year does also surround yourself with those who are happy. When we become professionally successful and ignore happiness, eventually, we feel unhappy. Professional success and happiness are two different aspects.

While professional success is important, give equal importance to happiness and peace of mind and for the same, use the rule of average. Surround yourself with positive, happy, and cheerful people this year and expand your professional success to personal happiness too.

Let’s embrace Vikram Samvat 2077 with an open mind, open heart, happiness, and positivity.

Saal Mubarak 🙏🏻


The middle day of the year aka “varas nau vachlo diwas”

It must be unique to India; in Gujarat, we even have this “varas nau vachlo diwas” or the middle day of the year. Which is not even in the middle of the year.

Because Gujratis follow the Lunar calendar, this day happens only in some years, which falls between the day of Diwali and Gujarati new year.

The middle day of the year can be seen as the day when the past is gone, and the future is yet to arrive. The day to reflect on the year that was, learn from it and implement the learnings in the year to come.

This day gives me a special perspective on life. I see this day as a chance to redeem the past and get ready to embrace the future. It’s the day when for me, life pauses to reflect on the past and to look forward to the future.

What are your lessons from the middle day of the year? Do you love to dwell in the past or dream the future or prefer to be in “now”? How are you planning to celebrate this “varas nau vachlo diwas”?


Happy Diwali

Wishing everyone a happy Diwali. A breakdown year that went by has been a breakthrough in many ways.

It was the year when many things revealed; people came to know others and self a little more. The relations and way of seeing the relations changed. The way we work and what we work for change.

Most of us adapted to these changes, proving that under the surface, we all know that the change is the only constant and that when the times come, we adapt to the change. That has what kept the human race thriving in situations where other species perished.

The same thoughts are the wishes for this Diwali. The strength to stay alive and thrive, no matter what challenges we face.

Also, as a race, humans are special, and we should take care of the other species. Be kind to animals, birds, trees, and plants. To the mother nature and each other.

Let the light of hope be alive. Happy Diwali.


Festive Gifts

Gift with love. When we gift, we feel good because essentially, as humans, we love to make others happy.

In this festive season, make sure to gift that is useful and within your budget. Post festive season, you should not stress out about overspending on the gifts as though the festivals are the essential part and parcel of life, it should not make you go crazy on spending.

Be still in your thoughts and content in your feelings.

Gifting brings happiness, so do get gifts, and be realistic.


Being grateful and practicing gratitude

What I have learnt and practicing (not mastered), is to be grateful for what I have.

When I want to see, I see there is so much the life has given. And that most of the time when I am not grateful, is when I compare myself with others achievements or crave for the things, I don’t even need.

Funny thing is, at that point, I don’t even realize that I might not even need it.

Practicing gratitude helps to understand what I have and where my focus should be.

Practicing gratitude and being grateful has been game changer for me to understand my needs and wants.


Putting efforts in the right direction

Just as there is a big difference between talking and doing, there is a big difference in doing and doing in the right direction.

Often, to get out of the mode of talking, we start acting without thinking if the actions are in the right direction towards our goal. Or we assume that we are busy but in reality, the work is not towards the goal. I call this “feel good” work, where the efforts are behind no goal, but we talk to ourselves that it is towards the bigger goal.

When we get out of the talking mode and into the action mode, the actions are in the right direction towards the goal and not in the direction where the actual difference your action is making is not moving a needle moving towards the goal.

Stop talking, start acting, and start acting towards your goal.


When the day doesn’t go as planned

When the day doesn’t go as planned, especially on a jam-packed day, we tend to lose our cool and fell into the trap of anxiety. Theoretically, it is easy to say to keep cool and move on to the next task. In reality, we know that it is hard to follow.

Is it impossible to stay cool once something doesn’t go as planned? Do we really need to go cranky and make the whole day unproductive? Is there a way out? Well, what I follow is to go silent for as long as needed. Regain my calm. If needed, I take a walk or do meditation.

One of the above tricks always clicks and helps me to get back on track. It might take a few minutes to maybe half an hour, and at that point, it does feel a waste of time as the amount of work hovering is huge. It certainly helps to do this exercise to make sure that the rest of the day turns productive and not frustrated or filled with anxiety.

If you face the day when things haven’t been going as per the plan, try one of these tricks. I am sure it will certainly help.

The only challenge is to stay present to use one of these tricks in the pressured workload. And that too is possible.


What are you gifting this Diwali?

Diwali has always been very special to me since childhood. I always enjoyed the vibe that Diwali brings. The firecrackers, sweets, new clothes, family, friends, everything has always been so much fun. Oh, and receiving the gifts.

As I grew up, receiving the gifts turned into giving the gifts, and it has been equal fun. For the past three years, the focus is shifting to gifting something meaningful and having a message attached to it.

Maybe it’s the natural evolution of life as we experience it. As the experience grows, our focus moves from fun to a different perspective.

Starting from just enjoying the festivals as a kid to making them meaningful and purposeful in sharing the ideas in gifts as life progresses.

At the same time, remember that we were interested only in the fun when we were kids, and every kid deserves it. Our ideology and our experiences shouldn’t be imposed on the kids. When their time comes to be an adult, nothing will stop them.

My theme for this year’s gift is ‘savings and investment’.

What gift are you thinking of this year?


Read with focus on attaining the wisdom

If someone reads a lot, it is taken for granted that the person is knowledgeable and most of the time it’s true too.

But we should not confuse wisdom with the knowledge. By reading someone can gain the knowledge but wisdom comes only from practicing the knowledge. Without going in depth, and without practicing, knowledge is just the theory.

To turn knowledge in to wisdom, the most important aspect is putting the knowledge to the right action and to keep acting on it until you gain the wisdom.

Read with the aim of attaining the wisdom. Only then the reading is meaningful.


Game of energy

Ever wonder how sometimes what we think, actually happens? From something as little as how when you feel happy, your energy can spread happiness to others too, to a collective energy can bring change in a whole society.

We normally don’t see this play of energy because we are too busy and don’t think and see things in this way.

If we want to see the world around a better place, flow the similar energy.


The importance of clear communication

While we live in a world where we can do almost everything remotely, we cannot reduce the importance of communication without seeing other humans the whole day.

In fact, with the reduced face to face interaction, the importance of clear communication has never been more important. When we don’t communicate and communicate openly, the challenges start surfacing. If we want others to know what we want or expect, we need to communicate effectively.

If we start assuming that others will understand without being explained or given clarity, we are inviting challenges.

When we see around, we will see that good communicator can explain their ideas with clarity and edge over those who don’t communicate when it comes to getting the message delivered. And delivering the right message is the first step towards getting the desired results.

What kind of communicator are you? Do you assume, or do you prefer to have clarity? Does your communication confuse others, or does it get the job done?


Learn not to panic. Instead, collaborate

When the customer comes with a complaint, instead of getting into a panic, the service provider should see the customer’s actual challenge.

Most of the customers are busy in their own world and don’t have time to complain. Instead, they prefer to move on to a different company (mostly your competitor), hoping that they will find the solution. This is not a good situation for either because the service provider will never know what went wrong. And the customer might face the same challenge with another service provider if the customer chooses not to communicate the challenge.

On the part of a service provider, when a client complains, it’s an opportunity. Because the customer is being your consultant, who is pointing you the gaps in your services, and for that, he is paying you too. And for the customer, if he will show the challenge to his service provider, he can expect that they will fix it. But if he will move to the next provider without communicating, he might face the same challenge.

How good it would be if the service provider sees complaints as free consultation by the customer, while the customer sees the challenges he faces as an opportunity to explain it to the service provider and get it right for the future.


Transformation stage

We go through various transformation stages throughout our life and career. Many events forcefully make us transform and many times because we want to break the status-quo, we initiate transformation.

To most of us, the word transformation brings a feeling of something big. To some, it’s excitement, and to others, it generates the feeling of fear. But it is neither. It is just an ongoing event. It’s our perception that makes it big.

As life progresses, we can connect the dots and see that we live in the constant transformation phase. We evolve daily. Most of the time, the only difference is, we are unaware of the subtle transformations happening every day.

And, because life flows freely, the only way to adapt it to accept transformation as the permanent stage. If we understand this, we would embrace and fall in love with the transformation instead of fearing it.

Are you holding back any change? Are you afraid to challenge the status quo? Think and act. Be the change.


finishing the task vs. completing them

When we try to handle more than we can, the focus always is on finishing the task. This means we won’t take care of the nitty-gritty and will rush to finish the job in whatever earliest possible way we can and move to the next, repeating the same pattern.

While at times, it is understandable that we have a lot on the hands, but only we would do the job right, the job will complete. Otherwise, it will come back either as not done right or half done, and that will give trouble to those to whom you have delivered the work and those for whom you are delivering the work.

We also will start looking for various reasons, but in the first place, no one else, and we are the reason for what we delivered. Everything else is just a story.

Only when we take full accountability for our actions, we start looking into completing the job instead of just finishing it.

Be accountable. Have an attention to detail approach and you will serve in a lot better way to everyone involved in the work with you.

Are you finishing your tasks or completing them?


Expect the unexpected

Life is uncertain. This is the one truth we all know but aren’t willing to accept.

We want life to be in our control, and we wish nothing unexpected should happen. And when something unexpected happens, which always is expected, we get upset.

What, instead, if we learn to live with expecting the unexpected all the time. If we get comfortable with the unexpected, the fear of the unexpected will go away, and it will give us the strength to deal with the situation.

The challenge is, even while we know that life is uncertain for everyone, we feel that life is unfair only to us, while for everyone else, it’s fair. If we can resolve this challenge by understanding that life keeps throwing the challenge to everyone at all the levels, and become open to living with unexpected, it will give us the strength to deal with any situation.

Get in love with the unexpected and elevate your mental health and your life in general. Our love for being in control doesn’t give us peace. The only control that we have is on our mind, and that’s the highest kind of control.


Feeling and doing

Most of the time, we don’t do the things that we feel. Our feelings and doings most of the time doesn’t match.

We do the things in the impulse, and that’s not always what we feel. What we feel is our deeper inside, which is at the core of our being. Because we don’t have time to check how we feel, we act on whatever our mind says.

What if we check our feeling every time before we do something? Will our life be different? Will it be more as we want it?



When I started writing my daily learnings in the form of the blog posts, I didn’t had any targets. I didn’t had any milestones set which I would strive to achieve.

The only purpose was to express myself. And today while writing this 300th post, I feel the number is a milestone for myself and now I am looking for the 350th post as a new milestone to look forward to.

I am still not looking for the milestones in my blog posts, but I am enjoying seeing the consistency with which I am able to write. While, more than the number, it is about the satisfaction of expressing myself that I am enjoying. But at the same time this sidekick of milestone is also a good idea to cherish upon.

Isn’t that how we live? We start something with the sense of a purpose, then we get into the achievements. Not that I am saying it is bad, but the purpose should always stay before the achievements.


Live with the numbers

Instead of going only with the words, see what the numbers say. Don’t also go only with the numbers but including the numbers is certainly a better strategy.

Instead of taking the decisions based on emotions, match it up with the numbers too. If the number says a different story, you at least have a different angle, which you certainly need to think upon.

We tend to make decisions based on emotions based on how we feel for someone or something at a given time. When mapped these feelings with the numbers, we can see the real story.

Love the numbers and live them.


Tip to stop comparing yourself

Most of us tend to compare ourselves with others. When we compare, we always feel that we are better and deserve more than others, but others undeservingly get more, which triggers us. This is natural, and this is what our mind tells us all the time.

How to tackle this situation of comparison?

Next time, when you compare yourself with someone, do the five/ten exercises. Give yourself ratings out of ten, with ten being the highest, and rate the person you compare yourself with, out of five. For example, you rated yourself an eight and the other person a four. Now see that the other person needs only one point to be perfect, and you need two points to make it to the ten.

Once done, see that you need to work double on the self, compared to the other person. Eventually, you will stop comparing yourself with others as you will start learning that comparison is useless, and focus on self-improvement is everything.

Comparison brings nothing but rage. Working on the self brings improvement, which eventually leads us to be better. But better than whom? Better than the self. You have to beat only yourself to grow.


Handling the triggers

Learn to understand when you get triggered. And when you see you are triggered, either go silent or walk off but don’t get into the debate at that point.

Knowing the trigger and working on it would save you from the aftermath as when you are triggered, you will more likely do out integrity. And this can start a chain reaction.

When triggered, accept you are triggered and go silent if you know no better way to handle it.


The journey of a Yogi and a Businessman

A yogi aspires to attain the highest level of self-realization. Through the thick and thin of his experience, he must remain calm, focused, and concentrated on his goal. It takes him years of practice, knowledge, learnings, and failures before he can actually see a glimpse of the success of his goal.

Likewise, a businessman’s journey should also be like that of a yogi. He has to stick to his ultimate goal without getting lured for any shortcuts to success. When a business person keeps increasing his knowledge, practice what he has learned from his knowledge and failures, and keep his head calm in all the situations while expecting the unexpected all the time, he actually sees success.

While a yogi’s success is self-realization, and the success of a businessman could be material gain, the journey of both is the same. If the businessman becomes focused on one and only one goal, stay calm, keep patience, and don’t get lured into distractions, his journey is no lesser than a yogi’s.

After all, it’s about the journey you experience. You don’t have to be a yogi to realize self; you can be a businessman, practice everything in your business that a yogi does in his self-realization practice, and still can attain the self.

No matter what you aspire, don’t forget to read the useful scriptures, have the master coaches or the real gurus, and stick to your goal.


Life is a balance between giving and taking

We cannot give less and take more or even give more and take less. Whenever giving and taking are balanced naturally, life goes smoothly.

Plants and trees give us oxygen, and in return, we balance by giving them carbon dioxide. Employees give their time and talent in return for money and fulfillment of their goals. Citizens pay taxes, and the government gives facilities in return.

Giving and taking has to be in harmony. If plants start taking only carbon dioxide and stop giving oxygen, life can’t sustain. If employers take more work or when employees give less work, the long term equilibrium would be disturbed. If the citizens don’t pay taxes and the government doesn’t give the deserving facilities, the nation’s harmony will be disturbed.

If we don’t give back to nature, in the balance of what we take, the world’s sustainability would not be balanced.

When taking, think if you are giving enough back. Balance is the key to sustain and thrive.


Do everything with conscious choice

We do things either out of obligations or with conscious choice. Though falling into obligation also is our choice, it is not the wiser route.

When we do anything out of obligation, it doesn’t last long, or we don’t do it as expected because we don’t feel it the right thing to do.

But when we do things with our conscious choice, we tend to stick to it for the longest time because our heart permits it.

Further, when we do things under any obligation, we are more prone to revolt and finally do things that we don’t want to do in a calmer state of mind.

Though both are the choices, pick the one you will stick to for a longer period of time.


The beginning of the end of the new normal?

Since the beginning of the time when humans started socializing, we live together, eat together, and work together. The whole socializing is in our DNA, and it can’t be replaced by phone or video calls because we want to feel people.

What has started as a new normal is already seems to be the end of it. What has been in our subconscious as impression over the period of centuries won’t go away in a few months or years? Our yearning to meet. And socializing isn’t going anywhere.

Work From Home might stay for some as it had other benefits. Outside of that, the new normal is already counting its days.


Be respectful to become remarkable

There are two ways of serving your customers. Either you can treat your customers as someone who is interrupting your beautiful life by doing business with them. Or you can be respectful to your customers, remember their names, giving them special treatment and become remarkable.

Being respectful or industrial isn’t dependent on whether you are a small local company or a giant having a global footprint. Instead, it depends on the management, what they think of the customer relation, how much they are training their employees, how much they care.

Be remarkable with your customer service, no matter what size your business is because business is about leaving a positive impact on others’ lives.


Agreement and Disagreement

What I said isn’t what you heard. You heard from your perspective and disagreed.

We all have different perspectives, and many times what is told and what is heard are different. This can lead to confusion if you don’t get a chance to clear the air.

If ever such confusion arises, make sure you sort it out with open communication and clear the context of what you said.

To disagree and getting confused is natural, and to solve it, the only way is open communication because open communication can help you clear the context behind what you said.


Freedom Model

Freedom is not about not working or not doing. Freedom also is not about being irresponsible.

On the contrary, freedom is about living without boundaries, striving for difficult goals, not bowing to the outside pressure, inspiring others instead of managing them, setting up examples instead of lecturing, breaking all the mental barriers, and taking accountability for your life. That’s freedom.

Believe in the freedom, shoot for the sky. Unless you shoot for the sky, you will not feel real freedom.


Focus on the real cause

While facing a challenge, go to the bottom of the challenge, find the real cause, and get the solution.

Often, we start thinking of everything else as the cause of a particular challenge, followed by the steps that aren’t relevant, which leads to even more problems.

Instead, if we focus on the real cause, we can find the real solution. Otherwise, we feel we are working on a solution but won’t solve the problem, which might create even more challenges.

Think deep, what the real cause is, and then tackle it. You might find this method slow because you are anxious and want quick actions. But it is a much better way for a meaningful solution.


Waiting for things to happen vs. making things happen

Either you can wait for things to happen, or you can go ahead and make things happen.

When we wait, we are in a reactive mode. We react when opportunity knocks, and most of the time, we can’t see the opportunities when we are in the reactive mode.

While, when we go ahead and embrace things and make them happen, we are in a proactive mode. In proactive mode, we are actually controlling what we want instead of things to happen on its own.

Neither approach is wrong. It is us to decide if we want to control our destiny or be controlled by destiny.


The stories we should tell ourselves

The stories we tell ourselves could be the one that gives us peace, or it could be the one that takes away the peace.

It is up to us what we want from life. The stories that we tell ourselves that leaves an impression in our mind. It is these impressions that then manifest. What is manifested is the total of what we think.

Feed your mind the stories that you want for yourself. When your mind takes you to the unwanted stories, feed your mind the contrasting story of what you want it to do.

If you want success, happiness, and peace, feed your mind the success stories, as it would manifest what it is nurtured with.

The stories we should tell ourselves are the stories we want to live.


It’s more fun when we know why

Most of the time, we go with the flow when it comes to following the rituals.

We don’t bother to know why a certain ritual is being followed. We either do things out of the fear or do it just because it is to be done without understanding; why?

Create the habit of questioning everything you do in day to day life. Be curious. Know why, and it would be more fun doing it.


Be intentional without creating the tensions

When we know the work on hand and become intentional about that work, then the loftiest work can be completed without creating the tensions.

We create tensions when we are fearful. The fear could be because seen any number of reasons. But that leads us to spread the same, the fear.

When we know what we want, are intentional about it, and are into action, there is no fear. And when there is no fear, we are at ease, and we let others at ease.


Be intentional without creating tensions

When we know the work on hand and become intentional about that work, then the work’s loftiest can be completed without creating tensions.

We create tensions when we are fearful. The fear could be because seen of any number of reasons. But that leads us to spread the same, the fear.

When we know what we want, are intentional about it, and are into action, there is no fear. And when there is no fear, we are at ease, and we let others at ease.


Keep things simple

Most of the things in life are simple. It’s the human brain that makes things complicated.

It is true for both business and personal lives. Managing relations and building a business should be simple, and it is simple. It is us who makes things complicated.

When we see that things are simple, we doubt how it can be so simple and work hard to make it complicated.

And when we complicate things, we waste our energy, focus, and, most importantly, our time.

Keep things simple. That’s the best way.


We find what we search for

How many times have you searched something on the search engine and found what you were searching for?

No matter if you are looking for a recipe, some news, or a contact number, or a product to purchase, you will find it only if you will search for it and that too with the correct keywords. No brainer, right?

Unless you don’t tap into the search engine the correct keyword, it will send the irrelevant results.

And even in our life, we find what we search for. If you are looking for nice people, you will find the same; if you be looking for success, you will find the same. If you are looking for an abundance of love, health, and wealth, you will find the same, provided that you know what you are searching for.

If your life isn’t what you want it to be, check if you are searching for the right thing.

Key is, the right search with the right keyword.


Ask a Question

Do not take things on the face value. No matter if you read something, hear something, or see something, do not accept unless it is backed by solid proof.

When things aren’t proved, go, and question, and if you aren’t satisfied with the answers, the next step is to experiment and experience things yourself. When we experience, we know exactly how it is.

Be wise, though, when you follow this strategy. Put time only where finding the answer is worth it.


That funny, awkward moment

I am sure we all go through that awkward moment when we call someone, and about after five seconds into the conversation, we realize we called someone else with the same first name and the last name.

Well, I did that again today, and my reaction as I realized was to apologize and accept that it was by mistake. Nonetheless, by mistake, the call ended up with a good two minutes talk, and the acceptance was very well received.

I realized that accepting that we have goofed up and made the best out of the mistake is where we should focus. After all, everything happens for a reason.

How often do you make such goof ups? My ratio isn’t bad, just because I hardly make calls.


A replacement is not always necessary

When we are busy doing something, and when it is over, we feel void. And to fill up this void, we try to get busy.

Many times to fill up the void is more of an emotional decision than a rational. Instead, when something is over, enjoy the void, let it be the void. Who knows, the situation might bring something even better.

Why can’t it be avoided for the time being or for an extended time too? A replacement is not always necessary.


Be remarkable

It is easy to be unremarkable. You can be in any field, make a good living, and build a thriving business and still be unremarkable. Being remarkable is not the needed step to becoming successful.

But if you want to do the work that is affecting others’ lives positively, where you inspire others to become even a better version of themselves, then focus on being remarkable.

Doing the inspiring and remarkable work is difficult, but that’s the way of life you want to perceive.

Being remarkable helps inspire others.


How do you move to a higher level

Focus on the one goal and give everything to it. Live, eat, drink, and breathe only and only that one goal.

When you put all your energy into one thing and don’t let anything divert you from your goal, it will manifest.

Once you achieve your goal, then move to the more challenging target and repeat the same process.

This way, you will challenge yourself to move to higher levels in life.


That one person

Whenever an important discussion is going on, there will always be one person who will personally pick the discussion. That person will focus on clutter while everyone else is trying to focus on the main agenda.

You have to see that your talks and the plans stay on track. Learn how to keep the talks on track. It’s important.

This is equally true in professional and personal lives: that one colleague, that one friend, that one cousin. There always is the one who loves to see things the way they aren’t.


Keep experimenting or…

Usually, there are two ways to do anything either you do it yourself, which popularly is known as DIY, or you hire someone who knows how to do it and supports you in getting it done.

Which path to choose depends on person to person and situation to situation. Some likes do it themselves, no matter how long it takes and how many opportunities are missed. While others like it quick, and all that matters to them is the speed, they prefer to hire someone who can guide them through.


What did you delete?

What did you delete? How many times do you get this question when you delete a message because it had a mistake or because you realized it wasn’t in good taste?

It’s so obvious, and still, most of us ask the question. How many other obvious things make you react in the same way?

Reflect on it. It’s hilarious.


Give your plan enough time to generate the results

We wait a long time to take action, and once we act, we want immediate results. But that is not how things work.

Everything takes time to generate results, and getting impatient stresses you and weakens your commitment.

Be sure about the plan, give the time for the execution, and the desired results will follow.

Keeping patience is the key.


thoughts, deeds, and words

When our thoughts, deeds, and words are in sync, we don’t live pretentious lives.

If you see you feel different inside and shows different outside, check what isn’t in the sync and fix it. When we consciously align our thoughts, deeds, and words, it’s a bliss in itself.

Are your thoughts, deeds, and words aligned and in the sync?


Do you have the right top line in the place?

Always build the team first, and the rest will follow.

Hire the top management team, even if it is not affordable at that point in time. Pick everyone yourself. Once that is done, let your team pick their subordinates.

Many times we compromise on hiring the top line, and that pulls brakes on the growth.

Never wait for the business to flourish before building the team because it will grow only when you will have the right team.

Do you have the right top line in the place?


Setting up the system

Work in a way where you are setting up the system for the others to follow it. The generation to come will enjoy your hard work’s fruits and take it to the next level.

This is true for the leaders in politics, business, and family.

When you are a leader, your role becomes larger than life. Be the leader who shows the path to success.


Stay focused on your goal

When you are focused on a goal and working towards it, the journey will be full of challenges. There will be a time when you will feel to take a detour. But taking a detour sometimes doesn’t just change your route; it might also change your goal.

To make sure your detour doesn’t change your goal, keep eyes fixated on your goal all the time.


hiring people

We normally feel empathy for those who need jobs, and we hire them. That’s not just an empty but also a sure backfire idea.

Those who need a job end it when the need is over. They jump off the bus as need is gone.

Instead, hire those who have the same goal and travel the journey together, giving whatever it takes. When everyone has the same goal, the journey becomes satisfying.


not everything is a criticism

When you are working with a team, be open to the suggestion, especially when you have asked for it. If we start taking suggestion as a criticism and react instead of responding, eventually people will stop giving the suggestions.

And it is our loss when we stop getting suggestions. While working with others, be open to the communication.


Don’t fix what isn’t broken

You have a solid plan, a great team and the zeal to make it happend make sure you then focus on execution part.

Sometimes when the execution is not up to the mark, instead of fixing the execution, we revise the plan and that leads to the same below par results.

Know what needs the fixing and work there. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.


know your energy

When you talk about something or someone, check your feelings. Are you feeling happy or toxic? Does the talk brings a smile or do you frown? How you feel tells a lot about the energy that’s generated.

Either way, to understand your energy helps understand what to pursue and what to avoid.

Stay present all the time and practice understanding your energy, it would be good for your peace of mind.


breaking the comfort zone is so overrated

If you are good at the cricket, you don’t want to move to golf which you aren’t interested in nor can play well.

There is no point in breaking the comfort zone if it’s not needed. Instead, expand your comfort zone. If you are a good batsman work on becoming the great one, don’t try a balling to prove you can break your comfort zone.

Be what you are, just be great at it. That’s all about the comfort zone. Everything else about comfort zone is so overrated.


When we take responsibility

When we take responsibility, we should own it. We should take accountability for what we said we would do. Do it because it’s a responsibility, not because someone wants it.

It should not be someone’s responsibility to take follow-ups. It should be your responsibility to do it. When we own our words, no one has to follow-up with us because we will never let ourselves down.

The customers should be delighted for your proactivity, for you owning your words and working with full accountability. You don’t have to give discounts or chase customers for the payment because you haven’t made them track you to get the work done.

When we take responsibility, we are accountable for it.


time is the only real currency

Only time has real value. You can generate everything, including wealth but not the time.

What you do with your time defines what you become. If you are saving money and give up time, you are giving up something that you can’t produce for something that you can generate.

You can’t afford to spare your time as a charity. Be wise with your time and focus on saving as much time as possible. Saving time doesn’t mean to be lazy, as that’s too is the waste of your time.

Build your life where you can spend time the way you want, still generating wealth for yourself because that’s how you can have QUALITY time for yourself and for those for whom you care.

Focus on where you put your time. Think before accepting any invitation, and before you jump into any business or a relation. Your choice will define if your time is invested or wasted.

Be wise. Don’t waste the only limited resource you have.


Do not do what you love

Do what is valuable because you might be loving to drive the car, or brewing a cup of coffee, or playing sports. And you might not be interested in becoming a cabbie or a barista or might not be talented enough to be a professional cricketer.

Do not do what you love, unless what you love is valuable enough. Instead, do what is useful and then enjoy doing what you love to do as your hobby.

Be smart and play your cards right.


When it’s time to decide, choose wisely

We all have choices to stay where we are or to do something about it. Every choice we make has an impact on our lives. Some choices have smaller, while others have an enormous impact. Some choices have a shorter term, while others have long term impacts.

If we are making choices for instant gratitude, we have to be ready for the long term consequences. For example, if we are willing to eat junk for instant gratitude, we have to be ready for the long term health consequences.

While making choices, evaluate what impact your decision is going to have on your life. Because what we choose is what we become. No one, absolutely no one is responsible for what we are. It is all our choices that have made us what we are today, and it will be our choice, what we will be tomorrow.

When it’s time to decide, choose wisely.


have processes if you want freedom

When we have processes in place, it gives us freedom. When we have free time, we get time to be more creative. Without free time, we keep doing a mundane job.

Decide what you want to do? Keep doing the same thing or want to create a system and set up business and life in auto-mode? When you put the time in creating a design and processes, you get freedom from where it is easy to grow and comfortable for your team to follow the instructions.

Without the processes, people get confused as they do not have clarity on what you expect from them.

If you want to build the business, build the process first. Give clarity and enjoy the journey of freedom. Freedom to create, freedom to let people do their job, and the freedom to drive the growth.


daily gratitude

It is easy to forget to be grateful in the daily rut of the life.

We live in the world which is in the constant race. Be up early because everyone else is waking up, be busy otherwise you would look lazy, keep networking otherwise you will be left out, be in the race because world is in the race.

And behind all the races, we forget to be grateful about what we have. The home, the peace of mind, the work we do, the people around, the beautiful sunrise, the birds chirping.

It is okay to be in the race as it’s fact of today’s life, just make sure you be grateful of what you have.


Ignorance is not always a bliss

Ignorance is not always a bliss. Ignorance leads to the unknown fear, making up it’s own stories.

Even for the bliss, it’s important to go through the circle of knowledge, implementing the same and then letting it all go. That is the bliss.

Unless you don’t know what you are letting go, the bliss can’t be the real. Ignorance is not always a bliss, knowledge is.


get the right people on-board

When there is a lot to do, start taking one task at a time and start getting them done.

If you will keep thinking and will look for endorsement from others, the pile of work will keep increasing and that will not generate results.

To generate results, you need to have a clear plan of action and the right tools. These tools could be the right people, too, because you cannot do everything alone. Get the right people on board for your mission and get support from them.

Do whatever it takes, don’t sit and think. Get the right people on-board and in the life, and be in action.


focusing on your zen

When you know all yet, you let it be without feeling the need to change anything. When you don’t let others talk to get into your head, and are focused on your zen. That’s when you know you are on the path of peace, success and courage to lead your life and that of others.


new challenges need new solutions

While most of the business basics are the same post-COVID, many things have changed too. What was working before COVID, might not work now.

Don’t try to sell the same solutions that are not relevant anymore. Focus on what new challenges have arisen and build your solutions around them. We live in a totally different world and this new world needs new solutions.

See the businesses with new eyes, understand what is needed by your client today, find the gaps that you can help them a bridge, and provide the solutions based on these learnings. If you are ready to take that step, there is a lot of businesses that are waiting for your answer.

New challenges need new solutions. Don’t sell cookie-cutter, old era solutions to the challenges of the new world.


change the right thing

When the need is to change how you work, focusing on cosmetic changes will be useless. Focus on the structural change that can lead to the desired results.

Changing the logo, or making a new website, or changing your sales story would be a fruitless effort when the need is to change how you approach the work, how you manage the projects, and how you handle the challenges.

We live in a delusion when we think doing cosmetic changes would change the way we work. It would change nothing.

Make-up applied on the face doesn’t change the soul. When the need is to work on the soul, work on the soul.


what if you are satisfied with your career?

If you are satisfied, push your limits farther. Push not because you aren’t satisfied but because you know you can do better.

Satisfaction shouldn’t hold you back on what you can do.

When we push our limits, life stays fresh. Otherwise, it becomes stale.

No matter how happy you are, never stop.


first decide what you want

Only when we get determined about achieving something, we start finding the ways.

When we aren’t decided, our subconscious thinks of the alternatives and find reasons on how it is not-possible. As soon as we are decided, the same reasons turns into doing things.

When you want to achieve something, decide and get determined. Everything will start falling in place when you know what you want.


the milestones

Achieving a milestone gives us pleasure and a way to look forward to the next one.

The journey is all about setting up milestone after milestones until you reach the destination.

Without the milestones, it would be a tedious journey. With them it’s a fun as we get to celebrate our small victories.

On this 250th blog post in a row, I am excited, happy for the streak and feeling full of gratitude today.

Thank you for mentoring, me, guiding me, reading my blog posts, and making it possible for me to achieve this milestone.


when you collaborate with competitors

When you collaborate with your peers and competitors, you can make something bigger happen.

What better company can you get than having like-minded people to work on something big? When you have got a chance to collaborate with like-minded peers, grab it.

Competing is easy; collaborating is not because we are naturally competitive. When we unite, we see outside of our comfort, and it is always going to be a challenge.

Make sure you have the right structure in place so that collaboration becomes successful. And always have a glue that will stick everyone.

While it’s fun to go alone, if you want to go farther, you need a company.


giving up isn’t easy, still, give it up

Don’t hold up on the matter that isn’t needed. When we hold on to those matters, we lose new opportunities.

The new opportunities emerge when we let go. Next time when you are holding onto something, think if holding is needed or moving forward is a better option?

Giving up isn’t easy because we get attached. When we give up, we are relieved, and we feel free. When we feel free, we see new opportunities.


protect your time

When it’s work time, don’t indulge in personal activity and when it’s personal time, protect it.

Unless you will make it clear, people will not know and will buzz you at the odd hours too.

Living in the new normal, the line between personal and professional time is disappearing. This can disrupt your life.

To protect your time is your responsibility so that you can give justice to different roles in life. And do it with zeal.


Why is a commitment more significant than integrity?

While I am a firm believer in integrity, it is equally essential to have committment.

Sometimes, integrity is disturbed due to one or another circumstance. And only when you are committed, you will bounce back. If you aren’t committed, it would be challenging to keep integrity once you break it.

While integrity is essential, being committed is far more significant to attain any goal.


accepting failure is the road to success

Accepting failure is a way of getting back on track. It helps to find ways to fix the failure.

If you are in the denying mode for your failure, what is supposed to be a small problem can turn into an enormous challenge. From which it would become harder to bounce back.

Also, you are leading others in the wrong direction by continually running the propaganda about showing your failure as success.

When you fail, accept it. That will start your journey towards finding the solution. And eventually will turn into a road to success.


looking through the haziness

Looking through the haziness when the weather is rought isn’t easy. We all experience it when it’s cloudy or foggy, which makes our vision difficult.

For example, when a pilot is flying an airplane on a foggy day and has to land the airplane, his vision isn’t very clear. To support the landing on a rough day, the pilot has the support system that helps him navigate through the fog and land safely.

Without the complete system and processes, the pilot would be landing on his judgment, which will come from his experience. With the design, he will go ahead with full confidence.

To land safely in a tough time, build a system around yourself that supports and guides you through the haziness.

What system have you built to navigate through the rough weather so that you can achieve your vision?


don’t do the things just because others are doing it

Know yourself. Don’t do anything just because other’s are doing. It’s okay to be left out, if being in a group isn’t taking you towards your vision.

To take your own path is okay, if that is how you are. And being with the crowd is okay too, if that’s you.

Neither of the ways is good or bad, and nothing is right or wrong.

Just do what you are to enjoy what you are doing. Don’t do things just because others are doing it.


take a break

When you are overworked, overstretched, and dragging, take a break.

Come back afresh and take the plunge into the work again. You will be more focused and determined.

Taking a break gives you the needed mental and physical space. Otherwise, you will feel gloomy, disillusioned, and the results would be the same.

There can’t be any rule, and you should know when your body and mind are asking for off time.

Whenever you need, take a break.


Customer Relationships Manager

Customer Relationship Manager’s job is to bridge the gap between the customer and the company.

A CRM should think and act with balance. If they are talking only for one side, the whole idea of CRM is lost. If you are tracking your customers data, do that to see how you can help them, not only to get more business. Customers are smart, they know when you are helping.

We see most of the CRM from banks, insurance, mutual funds, ISPs aren’t able to generate enough faith in their customers. This can be reversed if the focus is on the helping their customers.


the new normal phase two

We lived the new normal, and now it’s over. What was new normal a few months ago is now just the routine, and phase two has become the new normal.

With the economy opening and with more people stepping out, the new normal phase two has begun. Already plan for phase one is obsolete, and phase two needs a revised plan and strategy.

You need to see what are the challenges and opportunities in normal phase two. Because it’s an agile time, adapting to the new environment is essential.

Be an observant to see that the new normal is gone now and that we are in phase two already.


breakdowns are inevitable

When you are on a mission, you tend to make decisions that you think would help.

You conduct the meetings, plan the next step, get everyone enrolled, and are ready to launch the task. And at the last moment, you and your team feel there isn’t enough clearance. Everyone is still confused and is in doubt.

At that point, the biggest challenge is that the announcement is made. What would people think if you will roll back the launch? How much impact will it have on the image? Will people get un-enrolled? These and more questions would arise, which will lead to fear and will stop you from rolling back, even when knowing that launching will create even more challenges. You are confused and worried as its the catch 69 situations.

The thing you should do in such a situation is that if it is not the time to launch, roll it back, and announce the breakdown. Accept and declare that it wasn’t the right time to launch.

Breakdowns are inevitable at times, and you should deal with them with courage.


that amazing feeling

I love to write blog everyday as it’s my medium to express myself.

I get that ‘amazing’ feeling when I write it by noon. Post noon, it’s time for meetings and phone calls that consume the rest of the day. And when I write the blog just before hitting the bed, i sometimes drag. Which doesn’t generate the amazing feel that I get writing my blog.

Writing daily blog is also giving me openings on my own preferences.


free is not viable forever

We love free things but free is not viable forever.

Sometimes we adore things only as long as it’s free. And we expect it to stay that way forever, even if we know what we are getting is valuable and involve a cost to the provider.

But how long someone can get us things for free? Either they have to start charging or they have to shut the shop. Practically, everyone would like to avoid the situation.

Be generous and willing to pay for the services that you enjoy. That’s the only way you can enjoy it forever.

Remember, free is not viable forever.


journey of peace

It’s your job to create the peace for yourself. No one is going to take responsibility for your peace if you don’t care about it yourself. After all, others too have to take care of their own peace.

If you don’t want to be around someone who is not at the peace, how can you expect others to do the same?

To be at the peace is the solo sports. You can’t expect others to be the part of the solo sports. Yes, there can be guides, mentors, coaches, other players along the journey to tag along.


a personality trait about you might not be the rule

You might have patience about something. That doesn’t mean you are patient for everything.

While I can be meditatively persistent about what I want, even if it takes a longer period, I can’t say the same when it comes to taking a test.

Since school days, when it comes to the test, I would finish the test off as soon as possible. Mostly the first one to finish in the exam hall. I just don’t have the patience for the test.

I recalled it today when I was giving a certification test and finished the test in forty minutes against the official time of three hours.

The point is, even if your personality trait is patience, it might not be the rule about yourself.

By the way, who else finishes the test paper before everyone else in the exam hall?

PS: Yes, I did score well if you are wondering what happened to the test results. 😁


Do you want satisfaction?

We want to make it big and live a life of satisfaction. But we don’t want to put in the needed efforts. We don’t like to work hard, take stress and go beyond our fears.

When it comes to doing, we find excuses and reasons for not doing the required. We choose to tell ourselves stories about not doing the needed.

Or, we can pick what is our calling and live the life of satisfaction by giving everything that it takes.

It’s a choice.


Work From Hotel

WOW, the famous hotel chain Hyatt has launched a new program. The program is specifically designed for those who are working from home and still need a break. The program is called Work From Hotel, it’s still WFH, smartly.

The Work From Hotel initiative is just one of the many ideas we have seen during this pandemic.

To cope up with challenging economy, companies are trying new things, some ideas are working, others not. The important thing is, this pandemic has given everyone an opportunity. Those who are taking the chances, aren’t going to be the sure shot winners, but they certainly have a better chance to come out as a winner, post pandemic.

What is your idea? Have you given your idea an shot?


take your time but finish one task

Take your time,but finish one task instead of jumping on ten different tasks and not completing any.

It feels good when you are managing multiple tasks, as you feel a lot of things are started. In reality, you are loosing confidence and focus as you don’t see any task reaching to the completion.

Take one task, finish it with focus and with speed. Then move on to the next one. This is how you complete a lot of tasks over the period of time with peace of mind and better results.


when we are in the favorable position

When we are in the favourable position, we shouldn’t take undue advantage. We think it’s smart to take benefit of others. Instead, we should think how to be fare with someone who is not in as favorable position as we are.

When someone is taken advantage of, that person learns the same and do the same when it’s his turn.

If we pass on what we have experienced, why not we spread the good for the betterment of the humanity?


hidden agenda

We all have hidden agendas in almost everything we do.

If we are doing the charity, known agenda could be to help someone, and hidden agenda could be to earn the fame. Likewise, if we are promoting someone out of the way in the social group, known agenda could be that you wish well for the person and hidden agenda could be to earn the favor from the person in the return.

Most of the time, we aren’t even aware that we have the hidden agenda. Having hidden agenda is okay, only thing is, your hidden agenda shouldn’t topple your known agenda.


some great learnings from early bird 5 am club

Below are some great learnings from early bird 5 am club. Value generated by many different speakers who also are part of the club.

  • The abundance of money is good because it brings you freedom. More importantly, never criticize anything that you want in life.
  • Happiness: Your actions define your happiness.
  • Learn from the past, analyze data without being emotional, and create a future with the power of observation.
  • There are always two thoughts going in our head, but listen to your heart, talk to your heart, and you will always find the answer.
  • If you doubt, you create confusion. Don’t doubt, instead, have faith if you want to reach to the destination. 
  • Follow policies yourself too, that your peer are following.
  • Success is when it is 360 degrees. I am successful when I can do the work that I love, specialize in it, and contribute to others’ success. 
  • What I learned today is that habit can be overcome by replacing it with positive habits. And I will make the list of ten things that trigger my negativity and which I will change it with positivity.
  • When you fulfill your duty, challenges will come, but a solution will follow it. Finish what you start.
  • Self-value: Know your value, respect yourself.
  • To use seasonal vegetables and also learned how many health benefits it had and how many vegetables to eat in a day.
  • Whenever I have supplied something to my subconscious mind, I have always received the answer. I will do it without doubting the subconscious mind’s capabilities.
  • I have experienced whenever I put trust and monitor periodically; it gives me the freedom to work on my tasks. It also gives freedom to my team.
  • Mock your role model. To achieve the goal, you have to remind yourself every day what your goals are and take massive actions on it.

The effort that goes into creating value is tremendous and I can’t be grateful enough to every value generators at Early Bird 5 AM Club.

Are you waking up early? Are you an IT professional? If so, I invite you to join the life-changing club at Early Bird 5 AM Club.


Do you know what your creative hours are?

I am most productive early in the morning, and as the day progresses, my concentration, energy, and willingness all drop. And by the time it’s evening, I want to be done with the work and unwind.

It has been the same for years, and I know a few people who operate the exact opposite. Which is fine too, important is to understand what are your creative hours. Once you know your creative hours, leverage it to get the maximum outcome.

If someone is comfortable with the early mornings, and if you are in the late evening type, don’t try to change yourself. Just know what you are, be you and act likewise, wisely.

Do you know what your creative hours are? Share your thoughts.

PS. I have to make sure my early bird buddy wakes up before 5 am. If they haven’t, I have to give them the call and vice versa. Today, at 5 am, when one of my two buddies didn’t show up on the WhatsApp group, I called. I ended up calling Chirag Patel, who is not even in the early bird group, instead of Chetan Patel. Well, that was the LOL moment for both Chirag and me, as Chirag took it more gently.


being creative and sticking to something

When you are creative, you generate a ton of ideas. Instead of sticking to one plan, you keep jumping from one thought on to another without completing the first idea.

As you aren’t sticking to one thing, you aren’t able to bring the scaling to any work. And eventually, it leads to the performance that is below your caliber.

While being creative is great, to learn to focus on one thing, scaling it up, and then moving on to the next will give you the satisfaction of making it big.


the rivalry is a choice

You take it from the Ramayana, each of the four brothers, Ram, Bharat, Lakshman, and Shatrughan, were ready to give up the throne and life for each other. Though they were stepbrothers, they co-operated with each other.

If you take it from the Mahabharata, Pandavas and Kauravas were ready to kill each other, and that leads the whole epic to the war of Kurukshetra and killing almost entire Kuru clan.

In both the epics, the elders were equally responsible. It was the main character that made the difference. Ram and his siblings choose not to rival each other, and they prospered, unlike Pandavas and Kauravas.

If you choose not to rival anyone, no one can make them your rivals. It can be your sibling or a competitor. Instead, if you decide to co-operate, everyone can grow to a better future.

The matter of rivalry is the question of choice. It’s up to us if we want to see foes around or want to make friends.


be the guide to the hero

Everyone is the hero of their own life. The hero doesn’t need another hero, and they need a guide to solve the hero’s challenges. The guide’s role is to support the hero to solve his difficulties and help him achieve his goals.

Hero and guide relation holds both in personal and professional lives. We hire a company that acts as our guide and solves our problems so that we can achieve our goals. Likewise, we look to the friend or relative who can guide us when we are confused and help us get clarity so that we can achieve what we want from our life.

Never try to be a hero in other’s life, as they already have a hero themselves. Be the guide.


the only three things you can ever control

The only three things you can EVER control are your actions, your reactions, and your mindset.

Everything else is outside of your control. Never try to control what you can’t. Instead, focus on self, and control what you really can.

When we focus on controlling elements that we can, we feel peace. It’s not easy, but once you get it, you will be at peace. Once you focus only on your actions, reactions, and mindset, you will stop worrying about others are doing.

The bigger picture is, if everyone focus on only their actions, reactions, and mindset, everyone will be at peace. Again, that is something we can’t control, so let’s control what we can.


What were your favorite comic books and video games?

What were your favorite comic books and video games while growing up?

I loved Chacha Chaudhary, Pinky, and Bill00 when I was a kid, along with Amar Chitra Katha that used to had moral stories. Mythological stories were also one of my favorites.

In the teens, I came across Archies comics and became a massive fan of Jughead Jones. Also, I read a lot of superman, phantom, mandrake, and spiderman comics. Spiderman is my favorite to date.

The reading hobby from childhood eventually turned into a more serious reading habit. Today, I love reading mythology, sales and marketing, autobiographies, history and culture, philosophy, psychology, and spirituality.

At the same time, I used to love video games from Atari and Nintendo. Some of my favorites were Pac-man, Missile Command, Space Invaders, Super Mario, Pinball, and Donkey Kong.

I still play Super Mario once in a while and Subway Surfer when I am in the mood to enjoy a good game. Oh, and once in a while, I try to read Archies and Chacha Chaudhary too but can’t read more than a couple of pages, LOL.

Share, what were your favorite comics books and video games? Do you still read comics and play video games?


now the need is for the internal freedom

Happy Independence Day to all the fellow Indians.

Freedom brings an opportunity, and every liberty binds us to another dependency. At the core, humans like to be dependent, striving for freedom.

Though we love freedom, we are scared of it because freedom brings responsibility. Only when we accept responsibility, we become truly free.

To be free is a choice, and now the time is for internal freedom. Let’s free ourselves from biases, attachments, gender, caste, religion, you and me, yours and mine, your country and my country, your God and my God, superior and inferior, hardworking and smart working, virtual and real.

An imagination of free country gives birth to the idea of freedom. Likewise, a vision of internal freedom ultimately will provide us with inner freedom.

Today, let’s start a new movement. Let’s celebrate internal freedom.