Why to retain?

Most of us know how important it is to build a professional network or acquiring talent or growing the client list. While focusing on building, make sure you focus on retaining too.

It is easy to give up on the people and clients. Instead, if we focus on identifying the gaps, work towards filling them up and make relationships smoother, we will be able to retain the relations longer. Question is, why retain? Because longer the relations are it is easier to understand each other and more fruitful the journey become. 

Also, unless you don’t retain your existing network, building the new relations would be a waste. As with the leaking pipeline, if you will keep leaking the people from your network, all you would be left with would be much less compared to what you desire.

Don’t build new relations just because you are tired of the existing relations because the new relations will come with new challenges. Giving up is easy, retaining is smart.

At the same time, be wise, if the relationship is pulling you down, you should be wise enough to drop it.

Think Big. Be Wise.

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