Transformation stage

We go through various transformation stages throughout our life and career. Many events forcefully make us transform and many times because we want to break the status-quo, we initiate transformation.

To most of us, the word transformation brings a feeling of something big. To some, it’s excitement, and to others, it generates the feeling of fear. But it is neither. It is just an ongoing event. It’s our perception that makes it big.

As life progresses, we can connect the dots and see that we live in the constant transformation phase. We evolve daily. Most of the time, the only difference is, we are unaware of the subtle transformations happening every day.

And, because life flows freely, the only way to adapt it to accept transformation as the permanent stage. If we understand this, we would embrace and fall in love with the transformation instead of fearing it.

Are you holding back any change? Are you afraid to challenge the status quo? Think and act. Be the change.

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