Learn not to panic. Instead, collaborate

When the customer comes with a complaint, instead of getting into a panic, the service provider should see the customer’s actual challenge.

Most of the customers are busy in their own world and don’t have time to complain. Instead, they prefer to move on to a different company (mostly your competitor), hoping that they will find the solution. This is not a good situation for either because the service provider will never know what went wrong. And the customer might face the same challenge with another service provider if the customer chooses not to communicate the challenge.

On the part of a service provider, when a client complains, it’s an opportunity. Because the customer is being your consultant, who is pointing you the gaps in your services, and for that, he is paying you too. And for the customer, if he will show the challenge to his service provider, he can expect that they will fix it. But if he will move to the next provider without communicating, he might face the same challenge.

How good it would be if the service provider sees complaints as free consultation by the customer, while the customer sees the challenges he faces as an opportunity to explain it to the service provider and get it right for the future.

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