finishing the task vs. completing them

When we try to handle more than we can, the focus always is on finishing the task. This means we won’t take care of the nitty-gritty and will rush to finish the job in whatever earliest possible way we can and move to the next, repeating the same pattern.

While at times, it is understandable that we have a lot on the hands, but only we would do the job right, the job will complete. Otherwise, it will come back either as not done right or half done, and that will give trouble to those to whom you have delivered the work and those for whom you are delivering the work.

We also will start looking for various reasons, but in the first place, no one else, and we are the reason for what we delivered. Everything else is just a story.

Only when we take full accountability for our actions, we start looking into completing the job instead of just finishing it.

Be accountable. Have an attention to detail approach and you will serve in a lot better way to everyone involved in the work with you.

Are you finishing your tasks or completing them?

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