writing an email with the clear message

We write tons of emails and the person receiving the email can only read us. This makes it the writer’s responsibility to compose the email with the words and tone that deliver the context of the message.

There are many tutorials and guidance already available on the internet on how to write an email. What I use is a two-point simple method:
– I use the Grammarly app to make sure that the tone of the email and the grammar are correct. Yes, they also suggest how your email sounds in tone, and hence you can adjust your message appropriately.
– I read the email I have composed and check if I am the recipient of the email; how would I feel? Is it landing the way it is intended to be? If not, I adjust the message.

For example, this blog post shows having a “Confident, Optimistic and Formal” tone.

Writing emails are important, and writing them in the way that they deliver correct context, is critical.

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