Freedom is a choice we own

A believer of the freedom model at the workplaceI let people do their work.

Question is, what is the freedom model? It means without anyone asking us or reminding us:
– we have chosen to be committed to the cause of this company.
– we have chosen to be committed to the other team members.
– we have chosen to think of the company, the associates, and the clients before ourselves.
– we have chosen that we will give first, before expecting any return.
– we have chosen to grow and make the most of the available. opportunities or by creating new opportunities
– we have chosen to put others first before us.

This is the beauty of the freedom model. We get to choose our destiny and we are accountable for the outcome. When we have the choice, we own the outcome. We have chosen to be a part of something and the responsibilities it comes with. 

As a believer of the freedom model, I am most accountable because I decide to have the freedom model. 

When a country gets independence, which we call freedom, it becomes the responsibility of the countrymen to up or down the happiness, economy, education, and spiritual index. Likewise, when we have the freedom model, it becomes our choice where we take ourselves.

What do you think? Is there anyone else responsible for any outcome, or do we own the accountability of our own choice?

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