time is the only real currency

Only time has real value. You can generate everything, including wealth but not the time.

What you do with your time defines what you become. If you are saving money and give up time, you are giving up something that you can’t produce for something that you can generate.

You can’t afford to spare your time as a charity. Be wise with your time and focus on saving as much time as possible. Saving time doesn’t mean to be lazy, as that’s too is the waste of your time.

Build your life where you can spend time the way you want, still generating wealth for yourself because that’s how you can have QUALITY time for yourself and for those for whom you care.

Focus on where you put your time. Think before accepting any invitation, and before you jump into any business or a relation. Your choice will define if your time is invested or wasted.

Be wise. Don’t waste the only limited resource you have.

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