some great learnings from early bird 5 am club

Below are some great learnings from early bird 5 am club. Value generated by many different speakers who also are part of the club.

  • The abundance of money is good because it brings you freedom. More importantly, never criticize anything that you want in life.
  • Happiness: Your actions define your happiness.
  • Learn from the past, analyze data without being emotional, and create a future with the power of observation.
  • There are always two thoughts going in our head, but listen to your heart, talk to your heart, and you will always find the answer.
  • If you doubt, you create confusion. Don’t doubt, instead, have faith if you want to reach to the destination. 
  • Follow policies yourself too, that your peer are following.
  • Success is when it is 360 degrees. I am successful when I can do the work that I love, specialize in it, and contribute to others’ success. 
  • What I learned today is that habit can be overcome by replacing it with positive habits. And I will make the list of ten things that trigger my negativity and which I will change it with positivity.
  • When you fulfill your duty, challenges will come, but a solution will follow it. Finish what you start.
  • Self-value: Know your value, respect yourself.
  • To use seasonal vegetables and also learned how many health benefits it had and how many vegetables to eat in a day.
  • Whenever I have supplied something to my subconscious mind, I have always received the answer. I will do it without doubting the subconscious mind’s capabilities.
  • I have experienced whenever I put trust and monitor periodically; it gives me the freedom to work on my tasks. It also gives freedom to my team.
  • Mock your role model. To achieve the goal, you have to remind yourself every day what your goals are and take massive actions on it.

The effort that goes into creating value is tremendous and I can’t be grateful enough to every value generators at Early Bird 5 AM Club.

Are you waking up early? Are you an IT professional? If so, I invite you to join the life-changing club at Early Bird 5 AM Club.

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