Do you know what your creative hours are?

I am most productive early in the morning, and as the day progresses, my concentration, energy, and willingness all drop. And by the time it’s evening, I want to be done with the work and unwind.

It has been the same for years, and I know a few people who operate the exact opposite. Which is fine too, important is to understand what are your creative hours. Once you know your creative hours, leverage it to get the maximum outcome.

If someone is comfortable with the early mornings, and if you are in the late evening type, don’t try to change yourself. Just know what you are, be you and act likewise, wisely.

Do you know what your creative hours are? Share your thoughts.

PS. I have to make sure my early bird buddy wakes up before 5 am. If they haven’t, I have to give them the call and vice versa. Today, at 5 am, when one of my two buddies didn’t show up on the WhatsApp group, I called. I ended up calling Chirag Patel, who is not even in the early bird group, instead of Chetan Patel. Well, that was the LOL moment for both Chirag and me, as Chirag took it more gently.

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