invest your savings to generate wealth

Generate wealth by investing your savings. More you save, more you can invest. More you invest, more earnings you will generate, and if you do this consistently over the period of time, and considering the magic of compounding, you can generate great wealth.

Saving money is interesting, because from there the journey of investment begins. Don’t just save, invest because that should be the purpose of savings.

Invest your savings in your business, in the stocks, in buying the cash generating real estate, for buying the books, and to take trainings among the other investment options.

Investing more is good for the economy in general. It’s good to indulge in luxury, until you are living way below what you can afford. Don’t buy expensive stuff, if you can’t afford and never buy expensive stuff just because you can afford.

One of my all time favorite quotes, “If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need.” by Warren Buffet. This quote says a lot because it’s from someone who has been one of the richest man in the world since 1990’s.

You can build empire when you invest more. Because investment creates wealth, and considering return on investment v/s inflation rate, simply savings your money can erode it’s purchasing power.

Bottom line is, earn more, live way below your means, save and then invest your money where you can generate more earnings, and eventually build massive net worth.

How do you put your money at work? Are you savings with the goal to generate wealth?

Think Big. Be Wise.

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