commit, take action, join the dots, repeat

How do you ensure to achieve goals?

I will be sharing my all-time favorite approach; I believe in it 100% and use it by all means. You probably have witnessed me sharing it right on this platform with you.

Step 1: Make goals

Step 2: Declare

Step 3: Commit

Step 4: Plan the first step

Step 5: Sub-divide in the actionable tasks

Step 5: Start taking action

Step 6: Repeat

It will push your boundaries and help keep you motivated as you gain momentum and traction to move forward.  The win will ensure you indeed stick to the plan and put efforts to achieve the goals.

This plan of action strategy will save you from the worst: inaction or dropping the idea altogether.

You probably have gone through the cycle of self-imposed self-doubts and over-analyzing. The little bugger creeps in with small self-doubt to hijacking the clarity and weakening your control over it—the subtle inflicting self-doubt eventually takes over the situation and commanding you to verify the feasibility of the task at hand.

You start by measuring the best, the worst, and then the all-in between scenarios, with a mindset of rejection vs. neutral. This then undeniably sets the wheels in motion to take over the control of the state and the next moment, without you knowing you will be either on to dropping the idea or selling yourself short on the goal.

Instead of adding ifs and buts, and over-analyzing, first commit to the plan, know in your heart, you can do it, and you will do it.  Be clear in your context when you discuss or even set to measure the edge cases. Get yourself set for the actionable first step.

It is crucial to commit yourself and have any action plan work for you, and in no time, you will be able to join the dots as you move forward.

What matters is the commitment and action. Everything else will follow.

Thing Big. Be Wise.

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