to firefight or not?

It’s always the dilemma, to firefight or not? Should you focus on finishing on hand task first or dive into solving a challenge?

First, check if it is a real challenge, or is it a made-up challenge? Are you really needed to solve it? What if you do not solve it right away? Can it wait until you finish your on-hand tasks? If the answers to all these questions tell you that it can wait, then certainly no need to get into the superhero mode and run around to solve these challenges.

And if these challenges are the one that only you can solve (and you feel it every time so be smart), can create bigger challenges for you if not taken care of immediately, can’t be waited until your on-hand task is finished, then go ahead and dive into it.

Don’t think firefighting is a waste of time, but don’t make it your habit either. For each task, think if to firefight or not?

Think Big. Be Wise.

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