Three types of people a leader needs around

A leader needs three types of people around himself. These people guide him, work with him, and follow him on his goals.

Mentor/Coach/Support System: Always have someone whom you can reach out to when in need. This person could be your mentor, coach, your friend or family member, depending on the matter. Always have your support system ready to have a discussion with when in doubt or when you need suggestions.

Top Business Line: Pick the people who are sold to your goals, have aligned themselves to your visions, are willing to work on your ideas, who are seeing you as the leader, who supports your initiatives, and give their best to achieve what you have set to.

Manpower: Hire people who believe in what you believe in. Never hire someone because they need the job. Always hire for their attitude. Check if their values are aligned to your organization’s value before you hire. A skill could be developed later on but if you have the right mindset of the people with you, it would help fuel your growth.

I see these three type of people as,
A. Someone who is walking ahead of you and guiding you when you need it.
B. Someone who is walking with you, where you are taking care of each other, motivate each other, and walking the same path.
C. Someone who is walking right behind you. Someone who is watching your steps, who is seeing you as their guide, and reaching out to you when they need the support.

Always have these three types of people around.

PS. My interpretation of the learning from my coach Chetan Patel

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