the best answer

The best answer always comes from within. Deep inside, we know what is that we want. It’s either we don’t know how to talk to ourselves, or sometimes when we see, we confuse ourselves by adding more equations.

What can be done in such case, when you are confused? 

Connect to the “next best.” This next best can be your friend, partner, coach, mentor, or peer. Whoever you chose, make sure the person isn’t trying to influence you but support you in discovering the answer from within you. Chose the person wisely, the one who knows how to reflect your inner answer and help you reach the solution, you know.

Sometimes all we want is a confirmation from the next best. Until you discover the solution you already know, you will not feel ease with the answer. You might have to peel a lot of layers, but settle only when you feel at ease with the solution because that is the answer for you.

Simple, right? Maybe not easy, but with the practice, knowing the best answers by yourselves is achievable.

Think Big. Be Wise.

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