listening is an active process

Is listening to an active or passive process?

We all have this understanding that listening is passive. Think, why the good leaders listen patiently and how it helps them?

When someone is listening, their brain is firing more actively. They are listening, processing, understanding, analyzing, and preparing for the next step. While on the face of it, listening looks like a passive process, but in reality it’s a very active process. If you are a good listener, you understand how much effort goes into listening patiently.

When you are listening carefully, it doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to speak. It means, you are empathetic, tactical, active, and has the understanding to look into another point of view, and this gives you an advantage over those who are eager to speak without listening.

While listening, you get to understand the other person’s world and that gives you the power to deal around.

If listening is more active than passive process, check what kind of the listener are you?

Think Big. Be Wise.

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