how to function effectively as a team

The best lesson, I have learned from Hindu mythology is how to function effectively as a team.

The world is created, managed, and destroyed by three different Gods in Hindu mythology. These Gods never interfere in each other’s work, unless help is asked for. 

It’s not that they don’t make mistakes but they own their mistakes and they fix the situation themselves or with the help of their counterparts.

This is great learning for anyone, on how a team should function. Every member of the team should know their job, what is expected of them, and then given the freedom to perform.

When anyone asks for help, others should jump in. When someone makes a mistake, they should own it and fix it alone or with the help of their peers.

A team performs effectively when everyone’s roles and goals are clear, when the team member knows what is expected of them, has freedom, allowed to make mistakes, and supported to overcome the challenges.

Same theory can be applied to the family. When everyone’s role is clear, they know how to function effectively as a team.

Think Big. Be Wise.

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