fire fighting skills

Fire fighting skills is unique. Not everyone possess it. If the people around reach out to you when they are facing challenges, you are their firefighter.

It’s a rare skill because people don’t reach out to just anyone asking to solve their challenges. And if you are the one to whom someone would come with the assurance that you will help figure it out, then congratulations you have a unique skill to help people.

Don’t hide your firefighting skills. Instead, when you will help others, your skills will sharpen. And just like the firefighters who risk their lives to extinguish the fire, with the skill as rare as this, you could be a hero to many, Again, just like firefighters, you aren’t doing it to become hero, but you do it because you can.

Don’t show off being a hero, be the real hero. Stand for others, solve their problems, and don’t do it to get something in return.

Think Big. Be Wise.

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