filling up the survey forms

I like filling up the survey forms, especially if the request is from someone whom I respect and the brands that I trust.

I am very enthusiastic about filling up these surveys until I reach the point where I feel there is no end to the next buttons.

Hey brands, don’t kill my enthusiasm, keep the survey forms short. How about five questions maximum or two minutes, whichever is less?

Remember? We now live in a world where our focus span is less than a GoldFish. While the GoldFish has five seconds of focus, website visitors only has three seconds of focus time before they decide if they want to stay on the website or move.

Take the clue, if you are a marketer, make sure when you reach out to the people, your focus has to be how people feel, and plan your activity around their feeling, not how you want it.

Again, I want to fill up your survey form, just don’t push it way too much.

Think Big. Be Wise.

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