don’t let others throw garbage to you

When the media, the people, and the politicians were talking about how dangerous Covid-19 is and how it is going to disrupt our lives, we became negative about the whole situation. The governments around the world brought the lockdown and though it’s debatable whether the lockdown was effective, it certainly made people scared about what’s going on and what will happen now. 

As soon as the lockdown was lifted, and though the cases for Covid-19 are increasing, people are turning positive. Why? Because now the newspapers are having positive news about how the economy has started reviving, the politicians have started talking positive and the people have started going to work and businesses.

Above two scenarios, clearly shows, how your surrounding affects your attitude. This makes it very important on what kind of news you read and believe, what kind of politicians you listen to, and what kind of people you surround yourself with.

Do you want to stay positive? Go ahead and read the newspapers or watch television that shows positive side of life, listen to the politicians who aren’t cashing on the situation at your cost and surround yourself with the people who aren’t throwing their garbage to you.

When you don’t allow others to throw garbage in your house, why do you allow others to throw their mental garbage in your mind?

Be with the people who are positive. It’s your choice to be positive or not. Choose wisely.