Creating and breaking the habits

It is easier to stay in our old habits because it is our comfort. We will make any number of stories and will bring out reasons, just so that we don’t have to leave in our comfort zone.

Good or bad, habits once created are hard to break. Even good habits sometimes make us so stubborn that we don’t try to be flexible even if we see that it is needed. The reason, mostly, is because we are comfortable in our habits and don’t want the hassle of breaking the habits and challenging the status quo

And eventually, habit also becomes stale, and we become irrelevant. If you want to stay contemporary, keep challenging yourself with new challenges. Create something new, take the new task at work, pursue a hobby, join the gym, and join the local community. Do something, do anything before you become stale.

Last year I took the challenge of writing blog posts every day, and tomorrow my blog will turn one year. 365 days of writing the blog have surely helped me reflect on myself. The year before that, I started waking up at 5 am, the year before, I started meditating, and the year before, I took up reading regularly.

This year, I am challenging myself to stop procrastinating.

What habit are you dropping, and what habit are you picking?

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