breakdowns are inevitable

When you are on a mission, you tend to make decisions that you think would help.

You conduct the meetings, plan the next step, get everyone enrolled, and are ready to launch the task. And at the last moment, you and your team feel there isn’t enough clearance. Everyone is still confused and is in doubt.

At that point, the biggest challenge is that the announcement is made. What would people think if you will roll back the launch? How much impact will it have on the image? Will people get un-enrolled? These and more questions would arise, which will lead to fear and will stop you from rolling back, even when knowing that launching will create even more challenges. You are confused and worried as its the catch 69 situations.

The thing you should do in such a situation is that if it is not the time to launch, roll it back, and announce the breakdown. Accept and declare that it wasn’t the right time to launch.

Breakdowns are inevitable at times, and you should deal with them with courage.

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