Attentiveness is the key

Today our biggest challenge is to be attentive. When we are in a meeting, we are checking our mobile, or when in a zoom meeting, we are checking our emails, or while driving the car, we are thinking of meeting points.

And then, at the end of the meeting, we aren’t sure what was discussed. After the zoom call, we ask what the outcome was. And we miss a turn while driving and have to take the long detour.

Imagine being in the meditation and thinking of office work. This way, meditation brings no results, and we blame meditation that it’s of no use. Likewise, when we work, if we aren’t attentive, we don’t get desired results, and we blame everything else, but not our attentiveness.

Only if we are attentive can we get the desired result. To be attentive, we need to be one hundred percent present where we are. This brings us attentiveness, and that is the key to extraordinary results.

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