a personality trait about you might not be the rule

You might have patience about something. That doesn’t mean you are patient for everything.

While I can be meditatively persistent about what I want, even if it takes a longer period, I can’t say the same when it comes to taking a test.

Since school days, when it comes to the test, I would finish the test off as soon as possible. Mostly the first one to finish in the exam hall. I just don’t have the patience for the test.

I recalled it today when I was giving a certification test and finished the test in forty minutes against the official time of three hours.

The point is, even if your personality trait is patience, it might not be the rule about yourself.

By the way, who else finishes the test paper before everyone else in the exam hall?

PS: Yes, I did score well if you are wondering what happened to the test results. 😁

One reply on “a personality trait about you might not be the rule”

I have the same personality trait so much so that I don’t like to review the answer sheet as well. I feel bored ~ lol! And at the same time waste of time ~ go figure.

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