You become what you think you aren’t

Great learning from my coach Chetan Patel, while attending one of his seminars as a guest. You become what you think you aren’t.

It’s straightforward and to the point. We all live with self-notion of what we aren’t, and we keep doing everything throughout our life to become that.

For example, my understanding of myself is that I am not focused enough. And this keep notion keeps me focused. Whatever I do, I will stay focus, but the story in my mind keeps going on all the time, that I am not focused. And this story that goes in my head keeps pushing me to be focused on whatever I do. But the story in the head never ends. It stays with us all the time.

This story is the reason what we become, for good or not.

What’s your story? What do you tell yourself ? What have you become that you think you aren’t?

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