When the day doesn’t go as planned

When the day doesn’t go as planned, especially on a jam-packed day, we tend to lose our cool and fell into the trap of anxiety. Theoretically, it is easy to say to keep cool and move on to the next task. In reality, we know that it is hard to follow.

Is it impossible to stay cool once something doesn’t go as planned? Do we really need to go cranky and make the whole day unproductive? Is there a way out? Well, what I follow is to go silent for as long as needed. Regain my calm. If needed, I take a walk or do meditation.

One of the above tricks always clicks and helps me to get back on track. It might take a few minutes to maybe half an hour, and at that point, it does feel a waste of time as the amount of work hovering is huge. It certainly helps to do this exercise to make sure that the rest of the day turns productive and not frustrated or filled with anxiety.

If you face the day when things haven’t been going as per the plan, try one of these tricks. I am sure it will certainly help.

The only challenge is to stay present to use one of these tricks in the pressured workload. And that too is possible.

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