What you sow shall you reap

Merry Christmas.

As the year of the pandemic is ending, it’s time to reflect how the year was. It certainly was a year which no one had imagined at the start of it. We saw a lot of illnesses, deaths, lockdowns, curfews, and whatnot.

We also saw businesses, relations, and environmental changes. And we also saw human triumph, inventing vaccines in a record short period.

During all these, we all had time. What we will become in the future will be determined by how we have spent this time. Our future will be different depending on whether we have spent time being in action, learning new things. Or binge-watching on OTT platforms while gulping on unhealthy snacks.

The old sayings of ‘what you sow shall you reap’ are true even in the pandemic. It’s the same as ‘The law of Karma.’

What have you sown for the future during this year of the pandemic?

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