To-do list and prioritizing the work

How long is your to-do list? How often does it happen that we keep looking at the to-do list and can’t figure out where to start?

We get overwhelmed when we see a long to-do list and jump on taking one task at a time, without prioritizing them, most of the time in anxiety to get the work done. This way of working leaves us with more anxiety, reduces our productivity, and hurts our long-term goals, as we aren’t working on the tasks that take us towards our longer-term goals.

We blame everyone else, including our peers, subordinates, clients, consultants, auditors, people around, for the situation, instead of checking our way of working.

What if we prepare our to-do list the evening before, prioritize our work for the next day before calling it off for the day. And in the morning, re-prioritize based on any urgent work that has landed to us. This will help us take care of the urgent work that is unavoidable and help us take care of our important tasks that need our attention for long-term growth.

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