Tip to stop comparing yourself

Most of us tend to compare ourselves with others. When we compare, we always feel that we are better and deserve more than others, but others undeservingly get more, which triggers us. This is natural, and this is what our mind tells us all the time.

How to tackle this situation of comparison?

Next time, when you compare yourself with someone, do the five/ten exercises. Give yourself ratings out of ten, with ten being the highest, and rate the person you compare yourself with, out of five. For example, you rated yourself an eight and the other person a four. Now see that the other person needs only one point to be perfect, and you need two points to make it to the ten.

Once done, see that you need to work double on the self, compared to the other person. Eventually, you will stop comparing yourself with others as you will start learning that comparison is useless, and focus on self-improvement is everything.

Comparison brings nothing but rage. Working on the self brings improvement, which eventually leads us to be better. But better than whom? Better than the self. You have to beat only yourself to grow.

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