time to read and retrospect

What’s your Sunday morning routine? I prefer to read and retrospect the week that was. It’s such a perfect slow-moving day, which allows me to introspect on how my actions were and my behavior was in the past week. What I should successfully carry on and what I should stop doing.

To read and to retrospect certainly helps to build your character. While on the weekdays, for most of us, it is difficult to have time for ourselves, we should give time to ourselves on the weekends. There has to be time for the friends and family too, and at the same time, there has to be time for self in isolation.

When we isolate ourselves, we open up to a bigger world within. Eventually, that helps us and the world around us as we quickly know what we should be doing and whatnot.

Do you give yourself time to read and retrospect during the weekend?

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