Think slow and control your surrounding

When someone enters the room, that person can elevate your mood or can destroy your mood, depending on what kind of energy they bring to the room.

How many times have you experienced the above scenario? How many times that someone has controlled your mood?

Have you ever thought about why someone can have an impact on your mood?

It is because we are always moving fast and thinking fast. This leads us to react to everything that we encounter. When we practice thinking slow and having slow moves, we can control our own actions. We can stop reacting and can actually not let other’s actions have an impact on our mood.

How do you learn to think slow? Meditate, exercise, eat healthily, read good books, and surround yourself with the people who practice the same. Eventually, you will learn how to control your own energy.

Try thinking slow and see how you can be in control of your actions.

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