Think before you pull out your frustration

Every time we pull out our frustration on someone, it’s like throwing up on that person. We might feel sorry after doing it, but we might have done permanent damage to someone by that time.

People aren’t garbage on whom we would throw our mental garbage. Every living being is a well-crafted creation of the divine power and deserves the peace of mind.

We might be frustrated with our own reasons, but that doesn’t give us any right to spoil someone’s day. There are people with different tolerant levels to such garbage, and they might get hurt for longer than you think. If you aren’t having a great day, lock yourself and shut down your cell phone until you think you are sane again.

Let’s take responsibility and accountability for other’s peace of mind. Because if everyone starts throwing up, the world will become even more garbage. Let’s make it a place where everyone would love to live.

Next time, if you are frustrated, think of the person you are pulling it out. Another option is to take the right action. If you are frustrated, see what is the real cause and work on that cause. Solve it. That would take the frustration away from you.

Be mindful.

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