Them, to we, to me

We always talk me, to us, to them. Our focus is still what “I” will get, and when that is satisfied, we think about what “we” will get, and finally, we think about “them” and what they will get. Them comes, if we ever reach till thinking about “them.”

All the inspirational leaders start thinking from “them” because they have a much higher agenda. When we are stuck in “me,” we are very narrowly focused and can achieve only things that are enough for “me.”. When we change our perspective and think of the larger good, our focus becomes much broader.

Instead of thinking, what I will get. Think, what I will give. Think, what I can do to make someone’s life better. Think about how my presence can elevate someone’s day and what I can do to make others smile. When we take action for others, our happiness is guaranteed. And it’s not the same the other way around.

Work to make your company proud, deliver the highest quality services and products to your customers, give your team members the best facility, and give your investors the best return. This is thinking about “them” first.

Are you focused on them? Or are you stuck in “me”?

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