The middle day of the year aka “varas nau vachlo diwas”

It must be unique to India; in Gujarat, we even have this “varas nau vachlo diwas” or the middle day of the year. Which is not even in the middle of the year.

Because Gujratis follow the Lunar calendar, this day happens only in some years, which falls between the day of Diwali and Gujarati new year.

The middle day of the year can be seen as the day when the past is gone, and the future is yet to arrive. The day to reflect on the year that was, learn from it and implement the learnings in the year to come.

This day gives me a special perspective on life. I see this day as a chance to redeem the past and get ready to embrace the future. It’s the day when for me, life pauses to reflect on the past and to look forward to the future.

What are your lessons from the middle day of the year? Do you love to dwell in the past or dream the future or prefer to be in “now”? How are you planning to celebrate this “varas nau vachlo diwas”?

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