The journey of a Yogi and a Businessman

A yogi aspires to attain the highest level of self-realization. Through the thick and thin of his experience, he must remain calm, focused, and concentrated on his goal. It takes him years of practice, knowledge, learnings, and failures before he can actually see a glimpse of the success of his goal.

Likewise, a businessman’s journey should also be like that of a yogi. He has to stick to his ultimate goal without getting lured for any shortcuts to success. When a business person keeps increasing his knowledge, practice what he has learned from his knowledge and failures, and keep his head calm in all the situations while expecting the unexpected all the time, he actually sees success.

While a yogi’s success is self-realization, and the success of a businessman could be material gain, the journey of both is the same. If the businessman becomes focused on one and only one goal, stay calm, keep patience, and don’t get lured into distractions, his journey is no lesser than a yogi’s.

After all, it’s about the journey you experience. You don’t have to be a yogi to realize self; you can be a businessman, practice everything in your business that a yogi does in his self-realization practice, and still can attain the self.

No matter what you aspire, don’t forget to read the useful scriptures, have the master coaches or the real gurus, and stick to your goal.

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