The importance of clear communication

While we live in a world where we can do almost everything remotely, we cannot reduce the importance of communication without seeing other humans the whole day.

In fact, with the reduced face to face interaction, the importance of clear communication has never been more important. When we don’t communicate and communicate openly, the challenges start surfacing. If we want others to know what we want or expect, we need to communicate effectively.

If we start assuming that others will understand without being explained or given clarity, we are inviting challenges.

When we see around, we will see that good communicator can explain their ideas with clarity and edge over those who don’t communicate when it comes to getting the message delivered. And delivering the right message is the first step towards getting the desired results.

What kind of communicator are you? Do you assume, or do you prefer to have clarity? Does your communication confuse others, or does it get the job done?

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