Spreading positivity and sensibility

It has been a year since the corona first showed up in Surat. After a couple of months, Corona seems to have entered the second wave and is spreading fast. Simultaneously, the first one was tough and something we never experienced in our lifetime; what I am experiencing that the scars of it have made people anxious in general and a lot more impatient.

While the new curfew hours have been imposed, and about which we can do nothing, except for talking about the sanity of it, we certainly can take care of each other. We need to understand others more in today’s world, knowing that people require a more positive surrounding. We need to stand with each other and use positive words, and have a positive attitude. I have experienced that positivity spreads when people are positive, and it’s the same the other way around. And if we need to have an attitude, it better be positive is my view at this point. 

When the curfew was relaxed, we could have been more sensible. We could have worn the mask, stopped gathering, kept social distancing, and could have taken accountability to keep ourselves and others safe, but we chose to do there another way around. 

I am no expert in Covid, but I still believe that being always sensible is one thing we can all learn from Covid, not keeping sensibility aside as Covid cases reside. Otherwise, we aren’t learning anything from history. 

We can also learn that this is what it is now; how can we support each other with more positivity? Today, the world needs more positive people around. 

Be sensible. Keep a positive attitude.

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