Selecting an advisor

When selecting an advisor or surrounding ourselves with the people we consult, we should be wise. Choosing the one who would advise keeping in mind the actual situation and consider the scenario from all the angles.

Most of the time, we take advice from those who would agree with our perspective, but necessarily it might not be in our best interests.

People who can’t see a 360-degree view on a particular situation can’t be your advisor. Nor those who can see the whole picture and still can’t control their emotions to give neutral advice. Neither someone who wants to look like a hero himself can be the right advisor. That person might not say to you that you were wrong.

We need advisors who can do it all at the same time. Seeing the bigger picture, keeping our long term good at heart, and keeping us as the hero of the situation. Someone who can stand and say, it’s your fault if needed.

What kind of advisors have you surrounded yourself with?

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