Race of Tortoise vs. Rabbit

All our childhood, we are taught that being a Tortoise can win you the race. That’s the brainwash we are oriented so that we can be molded to run in the race. It really doesn’t matter who wins the race. What matters is that it’s a race.

Our education system focuses on getting us ready for the race. These stories are created to highlight and teach how important it is to be in the race. We start believing in the rat race from childhood instead of understanding that each of us is unique and can have different aspirations.

When we are in the race, we become competitive, leading us to be envious of each other, and instead of living the life, we keep running.

I am a firm believer in growth and that we have all the rights to have an abundance of joy, happiness, success, health, and wealth. But that should be our aspiration, not the race.

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