Practicing the acceptance of self

We all are different. Some of us glow no matter where they are. While others can perform only when they are among the people they know. And others can’t perform when people they know are around.

Some have easy acceptance of new people and new situations or the changing circumstances. Simultaneously, others have to really work hard and practice accepting new people, new situations, or changing circumstances.

The challenge is, if you still want to grow out of yourself, you have to outgrow yourself. For example, if I have to gel with people independently without getting introduced, I need time.

I also tend to avoid places where I know people but not very comfortable with them. Once I know them, it becomes easier. Or I can even become comfortable with people if I get some time to spend with them. But when I practice the acceptance that this is who I am, it becomes easier as I can consciously accept the situation around me.

It’s still a challenge for me to meet people because of my introverted nature. I am practicing the acceptance of what I am, who I am, and at the same time working on it so that I at least can go and see people with the understanding of my limitations.

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