When I started writing my daily learnings in the form of the blog posts, I didn’t had any targets. I didn’t had any milestones set which I would strive to achieve.

The only purpose was to express myself. And today while writing this 300th post, I feel the number is a milestone for myself and now I am looking for the 350th post as a new milestone to look forward to.

I am still not looking for the milestones in my blog posts, but I am enjoying seeing the consistency with which I am able to write. While, more than the number, it is about the satisfaction of expressing myself that I am enjoying. But at the same time this sidekick of milestone is also a good idea to cherish upon.

Isn’t that how we live? We start something with the sense of a purpose, then we get into the achievements. Not that I am saying it is bad, but the purpose should always stay before the achievements.

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