Life is a balance between giving and taking

We cannot give less and take more or even give more and take less. Whenever giving and taking are balanced naturally, life goes smoothly.

Plants and trees give us oxygen, and in return, we balance by giving them carbon dioxide. Employees give their time and talent in return for money and fulfillment of their goals. Citizens pay taxes, and the government gives facilities in return.

Giving and taking has to be in harmony. If plants start taking only carbon dioxide and stop giving oxygen, life can’t sustain. If employers take more work or when employees give less work, the long term equilibrium would be disturbed. If the citizens don’t pay taxes and the government doesn’t give the deserving facilities, the nation’s harmony will be disturbed.

If we don’t give back to nature, in the balance of what we take, the world’s sustainability would not be balanced.

When taking, think if you are giving enough back. Balance is the key to sustain and thrive.

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