Learn from your mistakes

We all know we should learn from our mistakes and that we should move on. It has been told to us infinite times, but when we actually make a mistake, we fall into either of the two traps:
1. We either take our mistake for granted and move on without actually taking any learnings. This makes us make the same mistake over and over.
2. We take our mistake very seriously. Instead of learning from it and setting up a system to make sure we don’t make a mistake again, we stop taking any action, burdening ourselves with the mistake we made. This way can stop us from making a mistake but also takes away the chance to be successful.

The mistakes we make aren’t the fault of anyone. It’s our mistake. We should accept it openly, own it, take the learnings, place the system in place to don’t make a mistake again, and carve the path to success. Remember, the first part is to accept your mistake openly. Accepting mistakes clears up the clutter in our heads and gives us much-needed clarity on what actions are needed to be taken.

I like to move on with my mistake as my learning experience, but I am not there yet. I am being better at that and I am setting up a support system, which helps me avoid repeating the same mistake so that I can be more successful.

What do you do when you commit a mistake?

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