Information technology and human connections

Working in information technology for the past twenty years, One thing I am very clear about, this is the one industry which deals more with the humans, than the machines.

Though the industry itself sounds all techie, in reality, it’s a strong connection between the humans behind the technology that brings technology to reality.

Strong team bonding, caring for others, keeping people first, working for the greater good, and minimum politics are what I see as a norm in the information technology industry.

In information technology, humans are more important than the machines they work on. A good programmer would create great code on an average machine. He is not dependent only on machines, as more power to create actually lies within him.

Information technology has its own challenges, but I see certainly more human connections are built in this industry, and that’s from my personal experience. Be it various webinars, meet-ups, or hackathons, this is one industry that is eager to build human connections and paying it forward. 

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