How to be productive

How to be productive is the question everyone keeps asking. Though the answer is simple, it is not easy to follow because we are trained not to be productive.

We live in a culture where multi-tasking is considered a positive trait. Where we believe that when someone looks busy, the person is productive. Where working round the clock is considered a virtue.

While some people have god Gifted capacity to work more hours than others, most of us aren’t productive after certain hours.

So how do we make the most of the available productive hours? By focusing on what we are doing. It is a very simple solution. Instead of multi-tasking, do one thing at a time and do it well.

Instead of reading emails, talking to family, and eating breakfast all at a time, focus on one thing. Otherwise, you are three different people doing one-third of each work. Do justice to what you are doing.

When we are with the family, we think of the work. When we are at work, we think of the vacation. And when we are on the vacation, we think of the future. We are never fully present anywhere and that makes us unproductive. Because our attention is always diverted.

When we are focused, we are more productive and more focused. Even the outcome of the work we do is much better in quality.

Do you feel unproductive or feel the work-life balance is missing? Check if you are multi-tasking, or if you are physically present at one place and mentally at the other?

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