Happy Diwali

Wishing everyone a happy Diwali. A breakdown year that went by has been a breakthrough in many ways.

It was the year when many things revealed; people came to know others and self a little more. The relations and way of seeing the relations changed. The way we work and what we work for change.

Most of us adapted to these changes, proving that under the surface, we all know that the change is the only constant and that when the times come, we adapt to the change. That has what kept the human race thriving in situations where other species perished.

The same thoughts are the wishes for this Diwali. The strength to stay alive and thrive, no matter what challenges we face.

Also, as a race, humans are special, and we should take care of the other species. Be kind to animals, birds, trees, and plants. To the mother nature and each other.

Let the light of hope be alive. Happy Diwali.

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