Expect the unexpected

Life is uncertain. This is the one truth we all know but aren’t willing to accept.

We want life to be in our control, and we wish nothing unexpected should happen. And when something unexpected happens, which always is expected, we get upset.

What, instead, if we learn to live with expecting the unexpected all the time. If we get comfortable with the unexpected, the fear of the unexpected will go away, and it will give us the strength to deal with the situation.

The challenge is, even while we know that life is uncertain for everyone, we feel that life is unfair only to us, while for everyone else, it’s fair. If we can resolve this challenge by understanding that life keeps throwing the challenge to everyone at all the levels, and become open to living with unexpected, it will give us the strength to deal with any situation.

Get in love with the unexpected and elevate your mental health and your life in general. Our love for being in control doesn’t give us peace. The only control that we have is on our mind, and that’s the highest kind of control.

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