Empathy by action

Leader’s always keep empathy for their team, customers, peers, everyone and everything around. They display empathy by action, not mere by words.

But is having empathy enough?

We normally feel sorry for others, but don’t take action. There could be many reasons for not taking the action. We worry what other’s would think, how would we look, is it okay to do something, is it my responsibility, what I can do? And so many other reasons. What instead if we stop thinking of reasons and start taking actions? None of the above reasons are actual, they are just another excuses of not taking actions.

Empathy without action is just another form of sympathy. We need to take accountability and do what we can to help others, by taking action. No matter, how small our actions might be, we need to be in the action, because every small action counts towards a larger good.

We respect and see the results of the work of all the great empathetic leaders in history because of the actions they took.

Are you the leader who takes action orĀ feel empathy for others? Give a booster shot to your empathy by taking action.

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