Do we really want it?

Most of us are having bigger dreams in life. We talk about being the best in the world, having a big business, reaching the sky. But do we really want it?

Most of us live a mediocre life and settle with very little. Why does this happen? What is that doesn’t make us achieve the life of our dreams? What is lacking? Or is it that we want to talk about the big goals because it sounds fancy; otherwise, we really don’t have any bigger dreams?

There is nothing wrong with either of the approaches. We can have bigger dreams, or we might be happy with smaller dreams. It is important to know what you want instead of dreaming about what others have.

When we are talking about the things that we really don’t want, we are creating delusion for ourselves. We run behind the goals just because others have them, without knowing what it takes to achieve them.

And in reality, when we have to give what it takes to make it big, we chicken out. We start to feel burnt out, need a vacation, and enjoy festivals, even if there is work waiting for us that can’t wait. This happens because in the first place, either that’s not our goal or we don’t want to give what it takes. Yes, we keep running behind that imaginary goal, which keeps us frustrate because we can’t reach there, and we don’t accept that that’s not for us.

Live the life that you want. Stop telling yourself a lie, because then you are buying others too into it.

Be what you are and live happily.

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